Tapping: Natural, Powerful and Safe?

There is a common belief among tappers that even though EFT/Tapping is powerful, it is safe because it is natural.

If you tap on an issue nothing bad can happen because EFT only uses the body’s natural self-soothing mechanisms.

What could be safer?

Unfortunately being natural doesn’t make you safe: tigers, arsenic, Great White Sharks, Deadly Nightshade and lightning are all perfectly natural and perfectly capable of killing you.

Being natural is no guarantee of safety.

It gets worse.

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Why Therapy By Facebook Is A Bad Idea

Therapy by Facebook

If you are on any of the alternative / complementary therapy self-help groups you will be familiar with ‘Therapy By Facebook’: one of the group asks for help and other group members offer their experience and suggestions.

On the face of it, the support and willingness to help from the participants of these groups is is inspiring, but is it a good thing?

The steps of ‘Therapy By Facebook’ are probably familiar to you.

Someone posts a request for help on their favourite Facebook EFT, NLP, ( insert favourite modality here) group.

Note: In this article I’m going to talk about EFT/Tapping, as it is the modality I’m most familiar with, but I’m sure the same kind of thing goes on in many Facebook groups.

It’s obvious that the person making the post is suffering and wants some way to relieve their distress. They may have read articles or seen YouTube videos of someone using EFT/Tapping to get astounding results and they hope that they can get some relief from what is bothering them.

The ‘client’ usually sums up their problem in a short post of just two or three sentences.

As soon as members of the group have read this, some of them are moved to offer whatever help they can. Each person offers a suggestion, an approach or an explanation for what they think is happening and what might help.

Typically these suggestions are also just two or three sentences long.

Typically some of these suggestions will contradict each other.

It may have taken a lot of courage for the ‘client’ to put their issue out there into the public arena. As the suggestions roll in it must be comforting to realise that so many people want to help.

But will the help that is being offered really help?

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Why it’s better to learn from life than be taught by it.

I recently saw this ‘inspirational’ quote

“When you replace “why is this happening?” with “what is this trying to teach me?” then everything shifts.

There is a popular idea in personal growth circles that difficult things are really lessons, provided by God / Universe / Spirit / Source that we need to be taught to progress to our next level of ‘spiritual development’.

From this perspective, asking the question “What is this trying to teach me?” makes sense.

It’s probably a better question than “Why is this happening to me?” but I think the metaphor underpinning the question has some serious downsides.

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Resistance Has Got A Bad Name

Resistance has got a bad name.

In the ‘be positive at all costs’ popular culture experiencing resistance or engaging in self-sabotage is seen as a ‘bad thing’, something to be overcome or eliminated.

If you experience resistance or self-sabotage you might feel lacking, defective or even morally defective and, if you are really unlucky, other people will agree with you.

I think the conventional ‘wisdom’ that resistance and self-sabotage are bad and should be treated like some kind of mental leprosy is wrong and may even make things worse.

I think there is a more useful explanation for resistance and self-sabotage.

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EFT Cafe – 9th Jan 2019 – The Gratitude Flip Revisited

Gratitude Flip

Last month I presented the Gratitude Flip at the EFT Cafe. Since only a few people were able to make it and I’ve come up with some new ways to use this process, so I’m going to present The Gratitude Flip again.

It’s clear that gratitude is good for your mental, physical and emotional health.

It is also clear that life is full of annoyances large and small that can make it difficult for us feel grateful.

What if we could use those annoyances to recycle our grumbles into gratitude?

It turns out that the Gratitude Flip can be used for rather more than just annoyances. I’ll be presenting these new uses at this EFT Cafe.

In this month’s EFT Cafe on Wednesday 9th January 2019 at 7pm, Andy Hunt will present The Gratitude Flip Revisited a tapping procedure designed to turn everyday grumbles into gratitude (and rather more).

The EFT Cafe is held at St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle upon Tyne and costs just £10.

The Gratitude Flip


Gratitude Flip

When you’re chewing on life’s gristle,
Don’t grumble, give a whistle
And this will help things turn out for the best …

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life – The Life Of Brian

It’s a well known fact that gratitude is good for your mental, physical and emotional health.

We are encouraged to feel and express gratitude on a daily basis, maybe even keep a gratitude journal where we write down the things we feel grateful for.

I have a confession to make: while I’m happy to feel grateful and glad to say thank you, I’m not very good with formal gratitude practices.

I’ve started gratitude journals several times, but after a while my lists of things I am to be grateful for start to look the same and my recitation of this things I should feel grateful for start to feel stale and perfunctory.

But, all is not lost.

I think I’ve found a way in to feeling genuine gratitude through, of all things, the myriad annoyances of daily life.

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