Paul McKenna Tapping on TV and Radio

Paul McKenna seems to be popping all over the place at the moment tapping aways as well as doing his usual NLP approaches.

This morning he tapped on someone for fear of flying on the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show on Radio 1. Over on the Sky network he’s currently running a program on weight loss using TFT as his tapping approach. TFT or Thought Field Therapy, invented by Dr Roger Callahan, is the direct ancestor of EFT.

It’s nice to see the ‘weird’ looking tapping techniques get some airtime, anything that let’s people know about this gentle approach to resolving difficulties is fine by me.

I must thank Julia, Steve and Flora for pointing these programs out to me (either I should watch more TV, or they should watch less).

Free Pain Relief Workshops

I will be running two FREE pain relief workshops at the Bodywork Centre in Hexham on Tuesday, January 31st at 1pm, and Saturday, February 4th at 10am.

EFT has been used to relieve or remove headaches, muscular and joint pain, post-operative pain and a host of other pains and discomforts (examples). In these two hour workshops I will demonstrate the use of EFT to relieve pain.

  • Introduction to EFT, you don’t need any previous experience of EFT to attend this workshop.
  • Use of EFT with simple discomforts.
  • How to use EFT for significant pain.
  • Knowing how to approach specific difficulties.

This workshop is will be a great way to find out about EFT and what it can do for you at no cost.

Attendees of the workshop will receive a 30% discount on a one to one follow up session if they need it.

Flotsam and Jetsam Part I

A walk along a beach will give you a fine view of the sea, the taste of salt in the air, screeching gulls, long stretches of sand and miscellaneous bits of junk. Bottles, bits of wood, battered fish boxes, shreds of net, dead sea birds and a thousand other things that shouldn’t be there cluttering up the beach.

Sometimes our minds can feel like they’re cluttered with little bits of junk, stuff that’s annoying but not so bad that we have to do anything special about it.

In ‘flotsam and jetsam’ articles I’ll introduce some of the kinds of junk I find on the beach of my mind and offer ways of removing them. Even if you don’t have my kinds of junk, I hope you’ll be able to use the articles to assist you in dealing with your own flotsam and jetsam.

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So many things you should do

It’s the New Year again, the season of resolutions, some of us are entertaining thoughts of what we should do. Perhaps you feel you should loose weight, stop smoking, take up exercise, or on a more mudane level you should do the ironing or wash the car.

I don’t know about you, but I often tell myself what I should do, I should do the washing up, put the bin out, or tidy up. I think the intention behind this line of self-talk is good, it’s to get me motivated to do things that aren’t intrinsically exiting or appealing. But, there’s a problem with telling yourself what you should do, take a moment to think of a time when someone else told you what you should do. My reaction is indignation, ‘Who the heck are you to tell me what to do?’, even if I don’t say that, I tend to dig my heels in, even if it’s a good idea from someone I respect.

In general we like to entertain the idea that we are masters of our destiny and we don’t like to go along with someone else’s idea of what that might be, however intelligent and well meant. If this is your reaction when other’s should on you, how well do you react to shoulding on yourself. So telling yourself that you should do X, Y or Z can provoke resistance before you even start. What could you do differently?

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EFT Level 1 Training in Aberdeen

Saturday 28 January and Sunday 29 January, 2006
10am – 5 pm each day

I’m co-presenting a two day EFT Level 1 training with Carole Gordon in Aberdeen

This two-day EFT workshop is delivered under the auspices of the AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Therapies). The training is intended for therapists, healers, coaches, counsellors and health care workers wishing to learn this powerful new approaches for working with clients, and for individuals who just want to improve the quality of their own and their families’ lives.

Venue: Westburn Centre, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen

Cost: £150 per person

If you’d like to book a place, get in touch with me or Carole

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Weight loss in the New Year

Even though Christmas isn’t over yet, you might be thinking of your New Year’s Resolutions. If one of them is to do with loosing weight, I might be able to help.

In the New Year I’ll be running a selection of workshops, courses and individual sessions specifically for using EFT to assist you to loose weight. Here’s how EFT can help you loose weight

  • Relieving Cravings with EFT In this 2 hour workshop I’ll show you how to use EFT to relieve those cravings that sabotage your weight loss efforts. You’ll be able to easily remove the irresistible urge for chocolate, chips, biscuit, etc. Being in control makes it a lot easier to achieve your weight loss goals. This process doesn’t just apply to weight loss, it works just as well with other cravings including cigarettes and it’s a lot less expensive than patches! Details
  • Weight loss course In this weight loss course for a group of four sessions stretching over two months. We will use EFT to reduce the blocks to loosing weight. This is not about calorie counting or exercising, rather overcoming the psychological barriers to easily achieving your ideal weight. The group setting gives moral support and allows lower cost. Details
  • Individual weight loss sessions If you prefer individual sessions that can be booked at your convenience they can easily be arranged via the Bodywork Centre

To book any of these sessions please contact The Bodywork Centre in Hexham (01434) 601 577.