Are you sitting on a happy chair?

I came upon this story from Vikas an NLP Practitioner from India on the excellent Art of NLP newsgroup. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of his approach.

About 18 months ago a young lady asked me for help for her depression. She was visiting a psychiatrist and taking some medicine for depression for preceding few months.I suggested to her to look around and mentally say… “I am sitting on this happy chair. There is this happy table. And these are happy windows with happy curtains.” I made her do this for about ten minutes. I suggested she does this every day for about ten or fifteen minutes. (A happy person lives in a happy world, a sad person lives in a sad world.)

After fifteen days she called to say that she was feeling great now. After about two months she visited the psychiatrist and he stopped her medicine. She continues to call occasionally and reports that she feels great now. The most recent one was when she was in my town about ten days ago.

I am not suggesting it will work with every patient of depression. I am not even suggesting one should use it with every patient. I am only saying I found that it worked with my patient and it is very easy to do.

Many thanks to Vikas for allowing me to share it with you.

So, are you sitting on a happy chair?

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