Announcement: Stehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg

I’m very happy to announce that due to the very hard work of Romy Schlierf and Michaela Thiede  there is a German language version of the Getting Out Of Your Own Way ebook available at the Practical Wellbeing Store (scroll down the page to find the links).

The book – “Stehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg” – is available as an ebook in PDF format for $9.50. You can download the first six chapters free from the same page.

There will be a print version of “Stehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg” available at a later date.

A thousand thanks to Romy and Michaela for making this possible.

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  1. Fabulous news Andy, your work deserves to be translated into all languages! I will definitely be recommending it to my Russian EFT students and colleagues…

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks Masha, much appreciated.

    You don’t fancy translating it into Russian do you? 🙂

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