Aligning Your Values Workshop – February 2010

man-and-compassLast year I wrote a couple of articles – New Year’s Clarifications and Sorting the wheat from the chaff –  about clarifying values. What values are, why they are important and why it might be useful to work on them.

Here’s a reminder of why understanding and aligning our values is so important.

Because they are associated with worth, meaning and desire, values are a primary source of motivation in people’s lives. When peoples values are met or matched, they feel a sense of satisfaction, harmony or rapport. When  their values are not met, people often feel dissatisfied, incongruent or violated

Robert Dilts

Those articles described my first attempts to work with values in a systematic way. Since I wrote them  I have been lucky enough to attend a Values Intensive workshop with Steve Wells.  That workshop went way beyond the processes I suggested in those articles. Not only did we elicit our values, we resolved conflicts within and between them in a variety of ways using EFT.

I enjoyed and benefited so much from that workshop that I have have decided to run a course based on that event here on Tyneside.

Our values govern our behaviour and we are not usually aware of them. They play out in our behaviour or goals but are seldom examined. Lining up with our values is a great way to end the struggles with ourselves.

So ,if you wondered why you do the things you do, or find yourself pulled in different directions when you want to do some things. Now is a chance to find out why and, more importantly, how to do something about it.

The Aligning Your Values Workshop will help you find out what’s important to you, then show you how your values align and conflict and then how to change them. Clarifying your values is a hugely important step in clearing up your internal clutter, lining yourself up with what is important, and enjoying a purposeful life.

The two day workshop is split into 4 parts.

Part 1 – Identifying what is important to you

Part 2 – Resolving conflicts within values

Part 3 – Resolving conflicts between values

Part 4 – Lessening the power of those values or states we avoid

The workshop will be run at the Angel View Inn, Gateshead on Saturday February 6th & Sunday February 7th 2010.

Book now on the Aligning Your Values Workshop page or email for an application form or more information.

Note: You need to know some EFT to attend this workshop.

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