A stroke of genius

This is a talk given by Jill Bolte Taylor a neuroanatomist who realised one morning that she was suffering a stroke and used the opportunity to pay attention to what was happening to her.

The video is extraordinary on many levels, inspiring, informative and told in a very dramatic way.

2 thoughts on “A stroke of genius”

  1. I found this completely moving and fascintating. Also, in considering the idea of trying to achieve an awareness state through meditation, it got me thinking. I had to Google this talk as I couldn’t play the video above, and found the TEDtalks site where there was also quite a heated debate from different viewpoints. Whatever is said, this woman’s journey was an incredible one and she tells it with integrity, humour and intelligence, I think.

  2. I agree it is both. Her presentation style is quite extraordinary as is the story itself. In spite of her insights into right and left processing of the brain I don’t feel as though I would like to have a stroke.

    With respect to the view problems I’ve substituted the YouTube version of this talk which seems to be more amenable to my website software … bloody technology!


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