A Simple, Portable Pick-Me-Up

A portable pick me upHere’s a simple technique based on the NLP Solitaire process that can be a useful pick me up when you are feeling a little down. All you need is a pack of blank study cards and a little time to get things started.

One way of thinking of these cards is as though they are an emotional snap shot album of all your best moments. As you know, you will start to feel good if you look through a favourite snap shot album.

On each blank card write a few words that describe a happy or (positive) powerful life experience. You don’t need to write an essay, just a few words that bring the experience to mind.

Read what you’ve written for a moment and step back into that experience to really enjoy it. Relive that moment in delicious detail, seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard and feeling what you felt. Make the recall of it as full and vital as you can.

Continue adding to your collection of ‘happy cards’. You will need at least 20 cards, the more the better. You can add extra cards to the collection at any time.

You will probably find the process of creating the happy cards very enjoyable in itself.

When you need a pick-me-up, or are bothered by something, or you are in a mood that’s difficult to shake off.

  • Make a mental note of how you are feeling.
  • Randomly select on of your happy cards.
  • Read the description on the card and once more step back into that experience.
  • After a short while, if you are still feeling out of sorts, pick another card, read the description and step into that happy experience.
  • Keep reading and ‘stepping into’ the experiences on the cards until your mood lifts.
  • How are you feeling now? How does that compare to how you were when you began?

When you think of other positive experiences, or have some new ones, make a note of them on a blank card and add them to your collection.

Please note: If the unhappy experience you are having at the moment is very severe this process may not be as helpful as some of the other EFT and NLP techniques that are available.

2 thoughts on “A Simple, Portable Pick-Me-Up”

  1. This is a great activity to do in a group. I had plenty of cards with a hole punched in the corner and a treasury tag for each person. First of all I asked everyone to think of a happy event and go into it as Andy describes. Those who were willing to speak did so (not all did) and then I asked them to recall other experiences and make the cards for themselves. and string them on their treasury tag as they went. Suddenly the pace picked up and cards were vanishing at a rapid pace. When there was a natural slowing down we ended the activity. There were comments about how lots of good memories had been released, how enjoyable the activity had been and how much happier they felt for doing it! Spare cards were taken home. Thanks, Andy.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    I hadn't thought of using it in a group like this so thanks for test driving it for me.

    BTW I'm going to steal your index card and treasury tag  implemenation 🙂

    All the best,




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