A happy monk

It’s just a coincidence, but following on from the Canadian happiness post which included a piece about the happiness abilities of a Buddhist monk, here’s a podcast by a Buddhist monk about the neurobiolgy of happiness! The monk in question is Matthieu Ricard a geneticist who became a Buddhist monk and now assists in happiness research.

The source of the podcast is Science & the City the website of the New York Academy of Sciences. This podcast takes a bit more concentration, both the discussion of happiness and the science used is a bit more detailed than the CBC Happiness program.

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3 thoughts on “A happy monk”

  1. A happy coincidence? This is a restorative broadcast, its almost like a bridge between art & science. I was thinking that (for example), reading a beautiful piece of poetry makes me feel happy, thats for sure. The scientists are also happy, it seems, examining why that would be the case. Genetics? Cortical stimulation? But without real humane value attached to their studies. Its quite refreshing to hear ‘logic & statistics’ applied to emotion in a meaningful way. The fact that the scientist is also a Buddhist Monk seems a bit of a giveaway on that one, I think! (wonder how he gets round animal testing?)

  2. I think scientists want to be just as happy as anyone else. As for the animal testing, all this research is based on new brain scanning technology on humans (monks or otherwise).

    ‘No animals were harmed in the making of this program’ as they say.


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