I help people who have never felt good enough
to accept and value themselves for who they really are

As a therapist, I specialise in helping people who didn’t feel good enough as children, and still don’t feel good enough now, to change the way they think, feel and act so they can be kinder to the person they are and become the person they want to be.

As an EFT International Master Trainer and the creator and trainer of Identity Healing I train and mentor people in the helping professions to add these valuable techniques to their toolkits.

As someone who has used EFT and NLP for my own personal development I like to share some of the approaches and techniques I have used to feel happier in myself with people who are committed to their own personal development.

Personal Therapy


If you were left feeling that you were not good enough as a child you will probably know what it’s like to be sensitive to shame, disapproval and the criticism of others.

I help people let go of those old feelings and reactions so they can accept who they are now without shame and become who they want to be.

Professional Training


I am an Accredited EFT International Master Trainer providing training and mentoring for coaches, therapists, counsellors and others who want to learn and use EFT in their professional roles.

As the creator of Identity Healing® I train experienced EFT Practitioners how to use these advanced techniques for personal change.

Self Help


After many years’ experience of using EFT, NLP and other approaches in my own life, I value these techniques as an excellent way for us to help ourselves.

I train laypeople to use EFT as a self help technique and share the strategies and processes I have developed along the way.

I am making this journey myself …

Andy HuntHi, I’m Andy Hunt, founder of Practical Wellbeing.

For a very long time I had the feeling that I wasn’t good enough.

I often felt a subtle undertow of shame, a need to avoid disapproval and sometimes I had to pretend to feel OK.

It wasn’t crippling, I got by well enough, but it wasn’t much fun either.

Although I didn’t fully understand what was going on, I did realise that suffering was overrated and wanted to do something about it.

Since I left school (a very long time ago) I have tried many different forms of self-help and inner work including: counselling, meditation, NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy and a host of other techniques and approaches to become more self-accepting and resourceful.

After a lot of learning I started to become the person I always wanted to be (it is, and probably always will be, a work in progress).

Along the way I reached the point where I wanted to help others achieve the same kind of results I was getting.

In 2002, after a lot of training, I started working professionally with people; providing therapy and training to help change the way they think and feel about themselves so that they can lead happier inner lives and be more accepting and resourceful.

To get in touch with me use the contact form below.

Photos courtesy of Andrea Parrish-Geyer, Lynda Huntley and Horia Varlan

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