The emotional peace and well-being you long for may be easier to find than you imagine

As human beings we want to be happy, confident, resourceful, at peace with ourselves and the world.

But being at peace with ourself is not always easy.

Sometimes, or maybe most of the time, our inner life can be painful. However hard we try we seem to be stuck with the same old distress and struggles.

Emotional peace and well-being would be easy if we didn’t have to cope with:

  • our past traumas
  • our ability to give ourselves a hard time
  • the unhelpful things we learned about ourselves
  • and all the other ways we can make our lives difficult.

We may have struggled with these problems for years: read self-help books, attended workshops, seen counsellors, therapists and healers and still feel stuck.

We could assume that there is something wrong with us and there is nothing we can do about it.

It doesn’t have to be this way, there are ways to change for the better.

Practical Wellbeing is about making those changes through therapy and training

You might find just what you want here if:

  • You want to let go of old traumatic memories, releasing the pain of those old experiences so they can become just a neutral memory of something that happened.
  • You want to become their true, capable self, responding to the difficulties of life as a responsible and resourceful adult rather than as a scared child in an adult body.
  • You want to be free of your inner critic, changing a harsh judging into friendly support.
  • You want to be your own person, able to ask for what you want, stand up to other people and disagree with them without feeling terrified that you are going to be attacked or abandoned.
  • You want to be able to accept yourself as a fallible human being, just like everyone else, and get on with life without having to beat yourself up.

I am making this journey myself …

I’m Andy Hunt, founder of Practical Wellbeing. I’ve always wanted to lead a happy inner life as a resourceful and balanced person.

I came to the conclusion that suffering is overrated at an early age and since leaving school (many years ago) I’ve tried many different forms of self-help and inner work including: counselling, meditation, NLP, EFT, hypnotherapy and a host of other techniques and approaches so that I could be a more comfortable, resourceful and balanced person.

Eventually, I reached the point where I wanted to help others achieve the same kind of results. In 2002, after a lot of training, I started professionally working with people providing therapy and training to help them change the way they think and feel about their world so that they could lead happier inner lives and be more resourceful and balanced.

Practical Wellbeing can help you

If you want to become a more resourceful and rebalanced person there are several different ways I can help:

  • Free ebook and newsletter to help you improve your wellbeing.
  • Free Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) resources, courses and recordings.
  • Books and products about advanced EFT processes for people who are familiar with EFT and want to develop their skills.
  • Personal therapy for people who want help to change their inner world to something less painful and more rewarding.
  • Basic EFT training for people who want to learn EFT to improve their lives.
  • Professional EFT Training for coaches, therapists, counsellors etc who want to use EFT to help others.
  • AAMET EFT Supervision for trainee and qualified EFT Practitioners to help them give the best for their clients.
  • Advanced EFT training for practitioners who want to go beyond the basics.

How to know if we would work well together …

It can be difficult choosing the right therapist to work with. Here are some ways to help you decide if we are a good fit:

  • You think suffering is over-rated.
  • You want to change.
  • You want to do more than just talk about your problems.
  • You know that you have to do something to make that change happen (even if you don’t know what that is).
  • You are open to the possibility that it doesn’t have to be this way.
  • You are open to the possibility that there is so much more that you can be, than you are now.
  • You are suspicious of miracle cures and magic wands and want something more practical that you can use to make things better.

Does this sound like you?

Now you’ve made it through the homepage you can find out more about the different ways in which Practical Wellbeing can help you by:

Or if you just want to say ‘Hi’ use this contact form or call 0754 700 9116


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