Tapping Into Self-Compassion

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique,
just like everyone else”
– Margaret Mead

Isolation and self-compassion
Image courtesy of Fiona McAllister Photography

Problems are a problem.

Life is full of difficulties; they come in all shapes and sizes from the trivial and mundane to the life changing and heart rending.

To make things worse we have a problem with ourselves having the problem we are experiencing.

Animals just have problems. They need to find food and shelter, stay out of danger and attract a mate.

That can be difficult and dangerous work, but animals don’t seem to be too worried about it, they don’t sit around complaining to one another or feeling bad about life’s injustices.

Humans have the advantages and disadvantages or being intelligent, social beings gifted with language and imagination.

Not satisfied with just having problems we can have problems about having the problems. We know how to feel bad about things and we can do it really well.

One way we like to make problems more difficult is by making them personal.

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