How To Use Questions To Get Unstuck

Image courtesy of Milos Milosevic
Image courtesy of Milos Milosevic

How are your New Year resolutions going?

Are you making progress, or are they stalled?

Most people express their resolutions as statements:

  • to lose weight
  • go to the gym three times a week
  • to learn Spanish

Even if it’s not New Year, you probably have a list of tasks you want to do, for example: I want to write this article to make it in time for my next newsletter.

In my to-do list it is expressed as: “write newsletter article”.

It’s a simple, straightforward description of what I need to do and it even has an action verb at the start to help propel me into … er … action.

Unfortunately this task has been languishing on my to-do list for most of this week. Sometimes, these things are easier said than done.

Ironically, this article is about helping you get moving on your resolutions and to-do lists. So I’m pleased to be writing this as a result of the wonderfully simple technique described in the article.

Ask me a question

How did I get moving on the write the newsletter article task.

Simple, I turned the write the newsletter article statement into this question.

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EFT/Tapping Webinars Recordings and Slides

Over the past year I’ve presented six online webinars on various subjects relating to EFT/tapping and self-development.

For those of you who would like to watch again or see for the first time here is the list of presentations and links to the recordings and slides of the webinars.

I hope you find them useful

Inclusive Tapping

A webinar that may help you to look at how feelings work in a different way and give you a simple tapping routine to help you more easily let go of the feelings, thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve you.

View or download slides: Inclusive Tapping

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Stepping Back To Tap

Image courtesy of Fiona McAllister Photography
Image courtesy of Fiona McAllister Photography

Do you ever feel stuck?

Stuck in an unpleasant or unhelpful mesh of thoughts and feelings that is hard to get out of.

If you know EFT perhaps you have tried to sit down and tap your way out of it.

Tapping often works well but sometimes problem states can be difficult to get out of.

Problem states can be sticky.

What’s a state?

I’m using the word state, borrowed from NLP, rather than the word feeling to describe the experience of a problem, because state is a much broader and useful concept.

Your state is the way you are in any particular moment, it is the dynamic combination of your posture, breathing, thinking, remembering, imagining, feeling: all the different parts of your physical, mental and emotional experience.

If you are experiencing a problem state, it may be difficult to be clearly aware of what is going on.

When you are inside the jar it’s hard to read the label.

What we need is a simple approach to temporarily get out of the problem state, to have a look from the outside at what is going on so that we can work with it from a different perspective.

We can achieve this with a very simple technique that needs nothing more than a little bit of imagination and some floor space.

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EFT Training – Newcastle upon Tyne – 2014

I am running the following AAMET EFT trainings in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2014


The foundation level EFT training and equips you with the skills to use EFT to work on your own issues and those of your family and friends. It’s a hands-on training with lots of supervised practice.

This training is fully self-contained and open to all, after attending you will be able to use EFT confidently for a variety of issues. If you want to go further, developing your EFT skills for working with other people, it serves as the foundation for the Level 2 / AAMET EFT Practitioner course.

Click on the link to find out more about EFT Level 1 trainings in Newcastle.

To sign up for a particular EFT training click on the relevant link:


This EFT Training  is designed for those already in the helping professions who wish to add this extremely effective method to their toolkit. You will learn more sophisticated approaches for dealing with trauma, anxiety, cravings, physical symptoms and more

Click on the link to find out more about EFT Level 2 trainings in Newcastle.

To sign up for a particular training click on the relevant link:


EFT Cafe – Jan 8th, 2014 – How To Be For Yourself

Image courtesy of Lauren Lionheart
Image courtesy of Lauren Lionheart

It’s an incredible opportunity to have a life.

You are the only person to have been born into your life, you will occupy it only for as long as it lasts. It’s yours alone, to make what you will of it.

To make the most of that opportunity we need to have an inner orientation that treats our life as if it matters.

To make the most of this ‘one wild and precious life’ we need motivation, to be fully on our own side, pursuing our own best interests (with wisdom and concern for the wellbeing of others).

However, we may find that our motivation to be ‘for’ ourselves: our assertiveness, self-expression, ambition, self-care and aspirations is blocked. (If you are starting to feel anxious just reading about your own assertiveness, self-expression, ambition and aspiration, then you are probably experiencing some of these blocks).

This month’s EFT Café is all about connecting to a deeper sense of being for yourself, loosening the blocks that get in your way, and giving yourself the support, loyalty, determination and power you deserve.

This is the first EFT Café in the 2014 theme of Wellbeing and Resilience.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday January 8th, 2014 at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm – 9pm. The cost is £10.

EFT Cafe – 2014 – Wellbeing and Resilience

For the first time this year’s EFT Cafés will be organised around the theme of Wellbeing and Resilience.

The individual EFT Cafés will be my adaptations of some of the techniques and ideas developed by Rick Hanson, a neuropsychologist who bases his techniques on neuroscience, positive psychology and the contemplative traditions. He is the author of “Buddha’s Brain“, “Hardwiring Happiness” and “Just One Thing“.

I’m using the book “Just One Thing” as the starting point for this year’s tapping themes, adapting some of the processes to incorporate EFT.

This year’s EFT Cafés will be divided into the following five sections, with two Cafes devoted to each section.

  1. Be Good To Yourself – January & February
  2. Enjoy Life – March & April
  3. Build Strengths – May & June
  4. Engage The World – July & September
  5. Be At Peace – October & November

Followed by a ‘Christmas Special’ in December.

Each EFT Café is on the 2nd Wednesday of the month (except for a summer break in August) at 7pm and is open to anyone with experience of EFT.

The January 2014 EFT Café will be about “How To Be For Yourself“, in February it will be about “How To Forgive Yourself”.

These adaptations and interpretations of Rick Hanson’s work are my own additions to his excellent ideas and I take responsibility for any EFT additions I have made.

Finally, I highly recommend Rick Hanson’s books and his free Just One Thing weekly emails which you can sign up for on his website

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