Paradoxical Tapping

The opposite of a fact is falsehood, but the opposite of one profound truth may very well be another profound truth. – Niels Bohr When we are working with our difficult feelings we may find that our minds are constricted by those feelings. If we are very sad then we find it hard to imagine […] Read more »

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Announcement: The EFT Collection

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my new e-book “The EFT Collection: 12 Tapping Techniques For Practical Wellbeing“. This e-book is a compilation of some of the EFT/Tapping techniques that I have developed over the years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer and written about on this website. The techniques presented in this book […] Read more »

Who do you want them to become?

Seth Godin is one of my favourite authors. He is an American business writer, but don’t let that title put you off. He is a fascinating and persuasive combination of marketer, philosopher and humanitarian. In his latest book The Icarus Deception he writes about how culture conspires with our innate programming to stop us from […] Read more »

A musical explanation of fear

The Amygdaloids are a New York City band made up of scientists who shed their scientific garb at night and take to the stage with songs about love and life peppered with insights drawn from research about mind and brain and mental disorders. The band was formed by Joseph LeDoux the neuroscientist who worked out […] Read more »

EFT Café – Metaphorical Tapping – February 13th, 2013

We speak in metaphors. We talk about “wading through treacle”, “being on the edge of something”, “banging our heads on a brick wall”. Metaphors are very vivid ways of talking and writing about our experience. In fact metaphors are a very vivid way of having and understanding our experience. They encapsulate a situation in a […] Read more »