How To Draw A Better Map Of Your Inner World

Image courtesy of David Masters

Earlier this summer I climbed Scafell Pike, a mountain in the Lake District of Northern England. Like the rest of our wet summer this was a damp and cloudy day. Before we were half way up the mountain we were swallowed up in cloud and fog.

Fortunately I had a map and a compass and I know how to navigate by them.

The Ordinance Survey (OS) map I had was very detailed, the contours, streams, cliffs and paths were all clearly marked in fine lines. With this map and the compass I was able to get us to the top of Scafell Pike in the mist without difficulty.

In such a situation having a good map is a blessing. What made the OS map useful was its level of detail and the closeness of the representation to the ground being mapped. Being able to accurately match up what is on the map with what is on the ground allowed me to navigate confidently.

But just imagine for a moment that those fine lines of paths and contours were drawn by a child using a thick crayon. The detail would be lost, the map would still be sort of right in a vague, general way, but it would be much less useful for navigating in the hills, it might even be dangerous.

Most of us are navigating through our lives with maps drawn in crayon by our younger selves. The outlines are generally right but often miss out details and nuances in our inner and outer landscapes.

We all have mental maps, our own inner guide to the world. To make sense of our experience and manage our lives we create internal representations of the outer world.

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EFT Café – Letting Go Of Resentment – Sept 12th

Image courtesy of javcon117

Resentment is a corrosive emotional response to the many injustices, great and small, in our lives.

When we are wronged, or feel wronged, by someone who is close to us or has power over us we may start to feel resentment and bitterness towards them.

Resentment is a painful emotion in itself and it is poisonous to our relationships. It may go on for years after the incident that originally provoked it.

Unfortunately, resentment is a gift that gives and gives.

In the EFT Café on Wednesday 12th September Andy Hunt will take you through a new EFT proceedure to dissolve resentment and increase your peace of mind.

If you are a Level 2 Practitioner of EFT then the EFT Cafe qualifies as 2 hours of CPD

The EFT Cafe meets on Wednesday September 12th, at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm. It costs just £10.


New dates for EFT Level 1+ and EFT Level 2 in Newcastle

For a variety of reasons I have had to put back the scheduled AAMET EFT Level 1+ and EFT Level 2 trainings back one month.

The EFT Level 1+ training is now on October 6th & 7th, 2012

The early bird discount rate of just £70 for the 2 day training has been extended to 14th September – click here to book your place.

The EFT Level 2 training is now on November 11th  & 12th, 2012

The early bird discount rate of just £125 for the 2 day training has been extended to 19th October – click here to book your place.

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