How to find the silver lining in life’s mishaps

You may have noticed that life isn’t always a bed of roses.

It is almost inevitable that “stuff happens” for us as we make our way through life and sometimes this “stuff” can be a lot to bear.

Folk wisdom and some religious traditions invite us to look for the gift or the learning in difficult situations.

We are told that “Every cloud has a silver lining” or “Look for the gift in every experience”.

It’s a nice thought that sometimes things may be for the best, but at the time of our distress we may not be able to think that way. If part of your life is disintegrating then being told that there is a silver lining can be a little hard to take if not impossible. If you’re stuck in the middle of something bad it can be very hard to think that way.

This article describes a simple technique to change your perspective on the small to moderate difficulties in our lives, the everyday setbacks and disappointments that occur for all of us.

This technique is not intended for working with major life challenges such as traumas, bereavements and the other big problems that life sometimes throws at us, these situations require much deeper help and healing than can be achieved from a simple technique.

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Summer Price Reductions

Times are hard for many people here in the North East of England. Economic stress and uncertainty is high and money is in short supply. Many people are having to be very careful with their spending in “austerity Britain”.

To make it easier for people who want the kind of help that I offer, I am cutting the prices of some of my services by up to 50% for the summer months.

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EFT Cafe – June 13th – Ping Pong Rehearsal Process

How to use EFT to do things better next time

Have you noticed that a lot of our stressful situations are repetitive?

It is often the same old things over and over again.

Perhaps you have:

  • difficult meetings with your boss every week.
  • to endure your idiot brother in-law’s bad behaviour at regular family get-togethers.
  • a particular kind of customer that just keeps showing up and making your life miserable.
  • regular conversations with your teenage son that frequently turn into rows.
  • etc.

You survive each encounter with gritted teeth and dread the next incident.

That problem with these kinds of repetitive situations is that the previous ones condition our experience of the later ones. When we have a stressful encounter we are set up to be stressed in the next one, which could make the next one even more stressful, and so it goes on getting worse and worse.

In this EFT Cafe Andy Hunt will demonstrate the “Ping Pong Rehearsal Process” which will not only help you relieve the stress of these repetitive situations, it help you handle them much more gracefully in the future.

If you are a Level 2 Practitioner of EFT then the EFT Cafe qualifies as 2 hours of CPD

The EFT Cafe meets on Wednesday June 13th, at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne from 7pm to 9pm. It costs just £10.

Image courtesy of zimpenfish

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