10 Ways To Integrate EFT Into Daily Life

You may have learnt EFT from a workshop, training, book or video and you are hopeful that you can use it to make positive changes in your life – but somehow you don’t seem to be able to put it into regular practice .

You’re smart enough not to be looking for a magical “get cured quick” scheme where one application of a secret tapping routine will transform your life forever.

Just as it takes some time and effort to lose weight or exercise regularly, you understand that it takes some work to make positive changes in your life.

You want the benefits of a less-stress life and you are ready to do the work.

You know how to tap, you just need some straight forward ways of weaving EFT into your daily life.

Introducing The Tapping Habit

I designed the Tapping Habit for people like you based on my experience of integrating EFT into my daily life.

It will give you:

  • A step by step approach to successfully using EFT in daily life
  • Simple strategies that help guide your tapping practice
  • Different ways to tackle problems so that you can make continuous progress

The Tapping Habit is a FREE 10 week e-class showing you how to make the most out of tapping in everyday life. Every week a new lesson will be delivered to your email inbox.

“I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying, and benefiting from, the e-course. I have bought a small notepad, entitled it ‘Mosquitoes’! and am tapping every day, but the good thing is, I’ve started to use the different techniques too”.
– Lisa Burnage

Sign up to The Tapping Habit or find out more here

IMPORTANT: This email course offers no ridiculous promises, miracle cures, instant life transformations or breakthroughs, but it does contain straightforward and sensible suggestions that will help you make big changes over time (and it is FREE!)

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Announcement: Stehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg in Paperback

I’m happy to announce that as a result of a lot of hard work from Romy Schlierf that the paperback version of Getting Out Of Your Own Way is available as a German language version “Stehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg” from Lulu.com.

To order your copy visit the Stehen Sie sich nicht länger im Weg at Lulu.com

Many thanks to Romy for all her hard work.

7 Reasons To Start Small With EFT

Not every difficulty is a trauma or a drama. Though from the articles, videos and adverts describing EFT, NLP and other techniques you would think that was all these approaches were for.

But I think it’s possible to make real progress to feeling happier and less stressed by starting small and working on the everyday difficulties of life. The kind of issues that would never make it into a testimonial or a You Tube video.

In my late 20s I decided to take up running as a way to keep fit.

At school I was a miserable athlete: a combination of asthma and a profound lack of interest in sport. My experience of running on the school track was that me and the fat boy (there was only one fat boy per class back in those days) would be way behind the rest of the class as we wheezed our way around the track.

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EFT Cafe – The Empty Chair – April 11th

This week’s EFT Cafe introduces The Empty Chair process which uses a blend of EFT and NLP techniques to get you out of a problem state and into your best self to move forward to make the changes you want to make.


With this new process you can:

  •     Reduce the negative charge in a situation
  •     Identify what you want to achieve
  •     Identify resources you need to achieve those goals
  •     Gives you a way accessing those resources so you can use them to get what you want

You don’t need any prior experience of NLP but you do need some experience of EFT.

This workshop counts as 2 hours CPD if you are an EFT Practitioner

The EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 11th April between 7pm and 9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre. It costs just £10.

Note: this Empty Chair process is not the same as the Gestalt Empty Chair process.

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Are You A Prisoner Of Your Own Defences?

Imagine that you wake from a dream and look out from your bedroom window.

In the moonlight of your imagination perhaps you can make out the ghostly forms of young people hard at work around your home.

You can see that there are quite a few of them, all young: from babies and toddlers to teenagers. They are busy maintaining defences: road blocks, barbed wire, tank traps, trenches, minefields and barricades.

In the moonlight these defences look both insubstantial and very strong.

Surprisingly there is something strangely comforting about all this activity.

When you look more closely at these youngsters you notice that they seem to be closely related, perhaps they are all brothers or sisters. With a surprise, that is no surprise at all, you see that they bear a striking resemblance to those photographs of your younger selves in your old family albums.

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Brené Brown on Shame and Vulnerability

In Listening To Shame, the follow up to her earlier TED talk  The Power Of Vulnerability, Brené Brown goes beyond talking about vulnerability to discuss shame.

As in her earlier talk this presentation is both funny and important. Amongst other things she explains how vulnerability is not weakness, how shame is the “swampland of the soul”, what it is, how it thrives on secrecy, silence and judgement, and how it differs in women and men.

It’s a great talk and well worth watching.

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