Does EFT work by distraction?

When I have demonstrated EFT to a new client or a group of trainees and they have softened a memory or neutralised a bad feeling, they start to look around for an explanation, something to account for the way their feelings changed abruptly.

Many times they will say something like: “Of course I don’t feel so bad the tapping distracted me”.

But does EFT work by distraction?

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How To Use EFT To Solve Everyday Problems

EFT Toolbox
Image courtesy of Florian Richter

EFT is a great tool for self-help, easily clearing unhelpful emotional responses to life’s little (and not so little) difficulties.

It is very easy to learn, but one of the problems for people who have learnt EFT from a book, or a training, is that when they want to use EFT by themselves for a difficult situations they:

  • don’t know where to start.
  • don’t know how to break the situation down into tappable issues.
  • can’t keep track of progress.

So they do nothing or make a half hearted attempt and give up.

This simple, step by step process is designed to help newcomers to EFT (and old hands) by giving them:

  • a place to start.
  • a way of breaking a problem situation down into tappable pieces.
  • a way of keeping track of progress and knowing what to focus on next.

How To Break Down A Problem

Any difficult situation in the present can be divided into three parts:

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EFT Practitioner’s Handbook Of Addiction, Self-Harm & Eating Disorders

This small book is a brief, but thorough, introduction to working with addictions, self-harm and eating disorders, by Masha Bennett, a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and AAMET Practitioner and Trainer

It is a realistic and straightforward guide to Masha’s approach to working with people with addictions, self-harm and eating disorders. It would be an excellent guide for an EFT Practitioner getting involved in this kind of work or an experienced worker in this field who wants to add EFT to their toolbox.

There are no quick fixes or miracle cures presented in this book, it describes how to fit EFT principles into a larger framework of therapeutic tasks that are part of working with what is usually a complex, multi-layered problem.

In the book you will learn about the overall approach to working with client with these types of issues and specific EFT approaches for working with:

  • cravings
  • physical pain
  • difficult emotions
  • traumas
  • triggering and high risk situations
  • life patterns and limiting beliefs
  • internal conflict

This book is based on Masha’s extensive experience in this area including work in a women’s prison. I’ve known Masha for more than six years and I highly recommend her integrity, compassion and professionalism .

You can order a copy of this book here for £2.50 for the ebook version and £4.50 for an A5 printed booklet.

EFT Level 1+ Course – Newcastle – March 3rd & 4th

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Is this you?

  • Do you have a lot of stress and anxiety in your life?
  • Are you controlled by your emotions?
  • Do you have knee jerk reactions to particular people or situations?
  • Do you dwell on old incidents and feel bad about them?
  • Are you afraid of particular situations or people?

How do you handle these problems at the moment?

  • Do you ignore them and hope they will go away?
  • Perhaps you just grit your teeth and push on regardless
  • Maybe you distract yourself with comfort eating, drinking, TV or in some other way.
  • Do you avoid things you would like to do but are just too stressful.

How are these strategies working out for you?

What if there was a simple way to:

  • Let go of stress and relax
  • Learn to respond differently to those difficult people or situations
  • Get your emotions under control so you can be the way you want to be
  • Let go of painful memories or regrets so you can get on with life

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