5 Reasons New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

After the season of goodwill, it’s the season of self denial and resolution. In theory it’s a great idea, but in practice more than three quarters of New Year Resolutions are never achieved. This is why I think New Year Resolutions don’t work: They start on a short burst of willpower that doesn’t last. A […] Read more »

Festive Greetings In Latin

I hope you enjoy this little taste of the spirit of Christmas from an age before advertising and crass commercialism. Ah, the Middle Ages, those were the days! Whether you are celebrating Christmas, something else, or nothing at all, I wish you a very happy time and all the very best for the New Year Read more »

Change Over Gremlins

I have just change ISPs and as part of the change over there was a blank spot in which this website and my email wasn’t available. Please accept my apologies if this inconvenienced you. The site is on it’s new server. I think everything has been copied over correctly, however if you find inconsistencies and […] Read more »

Getting Out Of Your Own Way – The Book

At long last, I finally finished the Getting Out Of Your Own Way ebook and book. Getting Out Of Your Own Way, is a straightforward and thorough guide to uncovering and dissolving many of your hidden limiting beliefs and blocks – the ‘Resistance’ – the unconscious saboteurs that stand in the way of your progress. […] Read more »

The First ChangeCamp+Plus – Saturday February 4th, 2012

In-Depth Professional & Self Development Workshops ChangeCamp is a twice yearly self & professional development workshop running in Newcastle upon Tyne, it is designed to give taster sessions in a variety of subjects. Each session lasts for one and a half hours, it is a finger buffet of different approaches to psychological change work. While hugely […] Read more »

Cinderella And The Two Ugly Sisters: Self-compassion, self-esteem and self-criticism.

“The greatest sickness known to man or woman is called self-esteem. If you have self-esteem, then you’re sick, sick, sick, because you say: I’m okay because I do well and because people love me, so when I do poorly, which I’m a fallible human and will, and people hate me because they may jealously hate […] Read more »