EFT Level 1+ – Dec 3rd & 4th – Places Left – £20 Discount

There are still some places on the next EFT Level 1+ training on December 3rd & 4th in Newcastle upon Tyne


EFT Level 1+

A two-day training showing you how to use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to give you a simple and versatile way of making a difference in your emotional life.

Do you often feel anxious or stressed?
Sometimes anxiety or other negative emotions can really interfere with your life stopping you from doing the kinds of things you’d really like to. After this course you’ll have a simple method for substantially reducing the negative emotions in your life and giving you much more freedom

Are you a hostage to the past?
Are you haunted by the past, bothered by old unpleasant memories. When you finish this course you’ll be able to neutralise old unhelpful memories and break free of the past.

Do you suffer from physical symptoms or pain?
Sometimes physical symptoms, especially pain, can make life quite unpleasant. At the end of this course you will have a way of relieving symptoms and feeling comfortably relaxed.

Having trouble giving up things that are bad for you?
Chocolate, cigarettes, nail-biting and other compulsive habits can be very frustrating, sometimes willpower alone is just not enough. After this course you will have a way to reduce or even eliminate those compulsions so that you may not need any willpower to make those changes.

Don’t miss out, drop me a line and I will tell you how to get a £20 discount from the full price of £145

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7 steps to more wellbeing

I have decided to make my e-book “7 steps to more wellbeing” completely free.

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I’m working on a couple of others now which should be appearing before the end of this year.

EFT Cafe – Dec 14th – Tapping With Children, Grandchildren and “Inner Children”

If you have kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews   or work with children then you are in for a special treat at the EFT Cafe meeting on Wednesday, December 14th.

Felicity James, mother, grandmother and ex-primary school teacher (who wishes she knew about EFT when she was still teaching) will be presenting EFT for Children, Grandchildren and Inner Children.

EFT is a surprisingly quick and effective tool for working with the fears and distresses of young children; helping them to calm down and feel a bit better – very useful  for the craziness of the Christmas Season.

Felicity will talk about and demonstrate her ways of using EFT with kids, including playful ways of tapping with them, as well as using toys as surrogates to help children — deal with their every day upsets.

To attend this workshop you will need to know some basic EFT and bring along a Teddy bear, doll or any stuffed toy big enough to tap on. – and don’t forget to bring along your inner child as well.

Jelly babies (and a lot of fun) will be provided.

The EFT Cafe will be on Wednesday 14th December, 7pm-9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle. The cost is just £10

What Happens When You Undo A "Should" Using EFT?

In last month’s EFT Cafe practice group we worked on a process designed to undo the procrastinating power of shoulds.

On the face of it shoulds sound like an innocent statement of intent – I should mow the lawn, I should complete this project – but it turns out to create a subtle, or not so subtle, resistance to getting it done.

During the workshop one of the participants used the process to work on one of her “shoulds”. When I got up the following morning I found this email in my inbox

Hi Andy,

I am writing this not because I should but because I want to; this statement has already made a difference to me (just a few hours later). It was taught to me at tonight’s EFT Café by you.

‘Should’ has an unexpected negativity attached to it which became more obvious as we explored different scenarios around the word should.

· I should clear the garage

· I should be more patient

· I should fill in my job applications.

Can you hear the quiet whisper that follows the statements? You should, but you haven’t, you didn’t, you’re not; so you failed.

It’s a powerful realisation that these two words ‘I should’ are followed by a silent and negative message.

The session asked us to choose a statement to work on, I chose:

‘I should fill in my job applications’

It was an issue I’d been facing for some months; that I should move on and up the corporate ladder but I was being held back. I’d already used EFT to try to shift some limiting beliefs and to find the cause of my reluctance but I was still petrified of these forms.

As I tapped I realised that I felt disloyal to my team for wanting to leave. I hadn’t realised the emotion was so strong and it took a few rounds tapping on the emotive statement to understand what the emotional reaction had been indicating. Left to my own devices I would never have found out.

Instead just a few hours later I have confidently filled in my application form; easily ignoring Facebook, TV, radio and even chocolate, all my usual distractions.

Thanks Andy for a brilliant EFT Café.

P.S I didn’t even notice the ‘should’ half way through this until I read back through.’ I should move on and up the corporate ladder’. Perhaps I’ll tackle this next, not because I should, but because I want to.

On November 19th, 2011 I am running a Getting Out Of Your Own Way workshop in Newcastle that will include undoing shoulds and many other limitations to stopping you doing what you want to do.

To find out more visit Getting Out Of Your Own Way

This months EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 9th November and is all about using questions and EFT as a more powerful alternative to affirmations.

EFT Café – Questions, Questions, Questions!

Questions, questions, questionsIn this month’s EFT Café we will be looking a flexible and more powerful alternative to affirmations – questions.

Using EFT with questions can be a great way to direct your attention towards the things that you want without getting the ‘kickback’ (or tail-enders) associated with affirmations.

Questions always direct your attention. You can’t help it, a question will send your mind off looking for an answer. Good questions send your mind off in useful directions, unhelpful questions send your mind off in less useful directions.

If you are always asking yourself: “What is wrong with me?”, or “How can I be so stupid?”, your brain will oblige you by going off and looking for reasons to back up those ideas.

If you ask yourself: “What do I want?”, or “What can I learn from this situation?” then your brain will oblige you by looking for the answers to those questions which will take you somewhere more useful.

Because you have a tendency to get what you focus on your questions can be a powerful ally in getting you where you want to go.

While using questions by themselves is a powerful tool for self-development. Using questions with tapping to take care of any resistance or blocks within the answer to the question can help you get where you want to go even more quickly.

In this month’s EFT Café, Andy Hunt will explore the use of different kinds of questions and EFT to get you going to where you want to be.

The EFT Café is at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre on Wednesday 9th November from 7pm-9pm, cost is just £10.

Image courtesy of UvaFragola

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