EFT Level 1 – Newcastle – June 4th

The tapping points

Very well explained and demonstrated – lots of humour (great) – The opportunity to practice often was really useful. Also Andy’s hands on presence during practice sessions brilliant. Lots of guidance and help

On Saturday June 4th I am running an AAMET Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Level 1 training for just £65

EFT is a simple, yet very effective, healing process that uses your body’s built in stress relief system.

By tapping with the fingertips on the ends of acupuncture meridians you can reduce, or eliminate, all types of negative emotions including fears, anger, phobias, grief, traumatic memories, stress and anxiety.

EFT can also relieve many physical conditions that may have an emotional component, such as headaches, muscle stiffness, pain, food cravings, smoking, itching and nail biting.

Here are what some trainees said when they were asked what they found helpful about my EFT Level 1 Training.

Working in pairs – tapping together. It was really useful that the group had a varying background and different motivations for attending
– Lesley Wingfield

Excellent day. Very interactive with lots of practice. Will highly recommend this to colleagues.
– Christine Brock

Really enjoyed practising technique with people haven’t met before. Didn’t really know very much about EFT – very impressed with simplicity and results
– Caroline Cogdon.

The simplicity of it. How Andy explains it in such a down to earth, practical yet humorous way. I got to release loads, so easily and quickly, thanks.
– Paula McCormack

To find out more about what EFT can do for your emotional well being, or to book a place on the course, click here

P.S. If you want to use EFT as part of your therapy coaching practice you need an EFT Level 1 as a precursor to the EFT Level 2 / AAMET EFT Practitioner certificate.

How To Relieve Stress With EFT

Car RepairsLast week I had the annual ritual of the MOT. The garage I use is some way from the centre of Newcastle so I have to leave the car there at 8:30 in the morning, take a bus into town then sit in a coffee shop and work until the garage call to give me the bad news.

They had more work to do than usual. My windscreen wipers would not lie down, they wanted to come to rest at a 45 degree angle against the windscreen – I don’t know why, but they did.

Not only that, some kind soul in my neighbourhood decided to smash my passenger side brake light. So I had two little extras to add to the list of repairs whatever else they found during the MOT.

While they worked on the car, I spent the morning answering emails and catching up with admin in my favourite coffee shop. Then I tried, without success, to think of some topic for the newsletter. In the absence of inspiration I went shopping.

I was browsing in a shop when I got the call from the garage.

“Hello Mr Hunt, it’s the garage. The brake light cover will cost £124 to fit and the replacement windscreen wiper motor will cost £240. Can we proceed?”

I thought of saying lots of different things, but I settled for “(Sigh) OK, go ahead”

I was just coming to terms with being mugged by a garage when the phone rang again.

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EFT Café – April 13th – Working With The Resistance

Do you recognise this predicament?

  1. You find a thousand ways of not starting an important task.
  2. You start a task and find a thousand ways not to finish it.

As you try to make progress with your important goals you get the urge to do something else, anything else, to take you away from your tasks.

Suddenly sorting your socks, sharpening your pencils or tidying your desk becomes an essential necessity, much more important that what you are supposed to be doing.

If you recognise these scenarios you are familiar with ‘The Resistance’ the sometimes unconscious inclination to stop us from putting ourselves out there and getting things done.

In this EFT Café, Andy Hunt demonstrates a way of tackling the resistance using EFT and metaphor to soften that resistance so we can get on and do what is important.

The EFT Café is on Wednesday 13th April from 7pm-9pm at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre, Gosforth, Newcastle.

The cost is just £10.

If you suddenly think that you need to sort your socks or sharpen your pencils on that day then this mini-workshop is for you.

Image courtesy of Know Malta with Peter Grima

Jen In The Art Of Therapy

ConfuciusI’m just starting to read the book Born To Be Good by Dacher Keltner. It’s about the rather novel idea that we might actually be good at heart  at a biological level.

This might come as a bit of a shock to Sigmund Freud and some religious figures who assume that we are, at heart, self centred beasts only interested in meeting our own needs.

The book starts with a description of “jen”.  Jen  is a concept invented by Confucius 2500 years ago. It describes a mixture of beneficial qualities that can exist between people including: kindness, humanity, respect, awe.

The description of Jen that Keltner gives really caught my eye.

“a person of jen brings the good things of others to completion and does not bring the bad things of others to completion”

“Bringing the good things of others to completion” sounds to me like a pretty good definition of therapy / counselling / teaching or any kind of people helping.

This idea about people starts from the point of view that:

  • There are good things in others – possibilities, potential, resources that can be enabled or developed
  • That these good things can be brought to completion – what lies hidden and unused can be fully developed.
  • That the job of the helper is to release and nurture what is already there.

This is a profoundly optimistic point of view and what I strive to embody in my work.

Unfortunately, this train of thought led me to think of some of the therapists and counsellors down the years who did not seem to be “people of jen”. Rather than bringing the good in people to completion, they had some other agendas at work.

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