EFT Café – Gratitude Tapping

Reflecting on the good things in our lives or cultivating a sense of gratitude is advice as old as the hills and the sages who lived in them. There is now good evidence that cultivating gratitude has a large number of mental (and physical) health benefits. In one study more than 400 volunteers took part […] Read more »

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Stop Trying To Change The World!

Disclaimer: In a series of articles I’m going to talk about how I think ‘people’ go about making, or avoiding, change in their lives. I realise that the word ‘people’ is a huge generalisation because we are all unique (just like everyone else). But I hope you will forgive me for casting my net wide […] Read more »

How To Increase Your Peace And Goodwill

Christmas is coming. In an ideal world it is a time of good will and peace to all. In practice we often find ourselves being brought together with people it is very difficult to feel peaceful with. Sometimes it can be very hard work to be brought together with relatives and acquaintances that we don’t […] Read more »

Bill O'Hanlon – Giving And Taking Your Own Advice

This is a video clip of the Bill O’Hanlon workshop in Newcastle that prompted me to write the article Why Don’t You Just Get On With It? Bill O’Hanlon will be back in Newcastle on May 21st & 22nd 2011 to present Keeping Your Soul Alive – an antidote to compassion fatigue. Visit www.KeepingYourSoulAlive.com to […] Read more »