How To Enjoy Saying Thank You

We have lots of opportunities to be grateful through our day. Not just for the big things but the small pleasures that can lighten your day. It is an abundant world, people are kind to us, we can eat good food, watch the play of light and shade on the hills as clouds race across […] Read more »

Is What You Believe Out Of Date?

The Nuer and the Dinka tribes of southern Sudan share an unusual custom. Both of these cattle-herding societies remove several of their kids’ permanent front teeth as soon as they sprout: two on the top and four to six on the bottom. It’s a very painful procedure, done with a fish hook, and it leaves […] Read more »

Bill O’Hanlon – Newcastle – May 2011

Keeping Your Soul Alive I’m very pleased to announce that Practical Wellbeing is sponsoring a workshop in Newcastle upon Tyne in May 2011 by well known therapist and author Bill O’Hanlon. After the very successful Geography Of Possibilities workshop in September, I’ve invited Bill back to present Keeping Your Soul Alive a workshop for anybody […] Read more »

EFT Cafe – Tapping Into Your Shadow

Many years ago, famous psychologist, C G Jung proposed that we were forced by upbringing, or experience, to conceal important aspects of ourselves to get along with those around us. Those aspects and capacities were hidden away in what he called The Shadow, the part of the psyche where all the disowned parts of ourselves […] Read more »