EFT Level 2 Training in Newcastle

Update: Early bird discount extended to October 23rd. I am running an EFT Level 2 Practitioner Training on November 6th and 13th 2010. This training spread over two successive Saturdays and is only open to people who are already established in the helping professions who want to add EFT to their repertoire. What you will […] Read more »

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Why don't you just get on with it?

During the Geography of Possibilities workshop in Newcastle Bill O’Hanlon told the following story. He had worked with a disruptive teenager who was in danger of being thrown out of school. The teenager repeatedly got into fights. Bill had no idea what to do with this boy and to make matters worse he was due […] Read more »

The Hidden Benefits of Irritation

I have a photograph of my father, face filled with annoyance, tapping the side of his head in the traditional ‘this person is mad’ gesture. I was practising with a new camera, he was watching Arthur Scargill on the news. You might remember Arthur Scargill as the leader of the National Union of Miners at […] Read more »

Washing The Emotional Dishes

One of the archetypal stereotypes of a student house is a pile of washing up. A stinking heap of cutlery and crockery, the remains of food dried to a concrete hardness, lying in a bowl full of grey stinking water. Not a pretty sight. Imagine for a moment that the experiences of your day are […] Read more »