Three Ways To Change Your Life

There are three broad ways that people try to change their lives. The first is hard, the second is popular, the third gives you your best chance of happiness. 1. Change The Universe If we could only change the world to fit in with our expectations. Make it sunny for the picnic on Sunday, make […] Read more »

Just listening

A friend of mine, who I was trying to help, remarked that I wasn’t taking her difficulty seriously because I was trying to fix it rather than acknowledge it. On reflection I think she was right. Just to emphasize the point the universe, in the shape of Bill O’Hanlon, sent me this: DEEP LISTENING: How […] Read more »

How To Release Identity Beliefs

“I think, therefore I am” – Descartes “I am what I am!” – Popeye When we grow up we sort through masses of experience to come up with an understanding of the world and ourselves. Part of this understanding is of the aspects of our experience we label ‘I’, ‘myself’, ‘me’ – names for parts […] Read more »

An Unexpected Gift

We (IntegrityNLP) have just finished our ten month NLP Practitioner training, which we started way back in September last year. As part of the celebration weekend we normally exchange feedback and hand out the well earned NLP Practitioner Certificates to the trainees. Before we were able to do that our trainees handed Nigel, Harry, Shirley […] Read more »

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