Bill O'Hanlon: The Geography Of Possibilities

Bill O'Hanlon
Bill O'Hanlon

My colleague Nigel Hetherington and I at IntegrityNLP are very proud to be hosting The Geography of Possibilities Workshop with Bill O’Hanlon in Newcastle on September 11th and 12th.

Bill O’Hanlon was one of the great hypnotherapist Milton Erikson’s students and is very well known therapist, trainer and author.

He says of this workshop:

Possibility Therapy uses the power of acknowledgement to meet people where they are stuck and the power of possibility to invite them into change.

Not just a positive approach, this approach recognizes problems, the influence of the past, and cultural, political and gender influences while creating a respectful, hopeful environment for change.

It also adds a spiritual dimension to therapy.

Through clear handouts and lectures, videotapes and practice exercises, participants will have the opportunity to not only learn this approach to therapy but also to apply it to their own lives and selves.

Bill is well known for his relaxed and engaging presentation style, I’ve attended two of his workshops and found them to be very engaging and rewarding.

You can hear Bill speak about Eriksonian and Solution Oriented Hypnotherapy on a podcast interview he did on ShrinkRapRadio with Dr David Van Nuys.

You can also hear him on the Theatre of the Mind podcast about ‘getting on track with your life’.

The online registration for this event starts on Wednesday 21st April at 8:00am.

The first 10 registrants can book for the Very Early Bird Fee of just £100. The fee goes up to £175 thereafter until July 19th, after that it’s £225.

Inner Reconciliation

‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’
– Mathew 12:25

Just imagine for a moment you are in a conversation with someone important to you and they start saying “I hate you” or “I blame you” or “I can’t forgive you”. That would be difficult stuff to take, especially if the reason you are being told seems rather trivial or insignificant.

What if the person who is speaking to you is you, and you are saying: “I hate myself” or “I blame myself” or “I can’t forgive myself”. Many people talk to themselves in this way, a way in which they would never talk to someone else. Part of themselves, labelled ‘I’ criticises another part of themselves, labelled ‘myself’ often in vicious terms. Maybe you recognise this pattern in yourself or others.

In an NLP Cafe workshop on April 21st, Andy Hunt will be making the first public presentation of Inner Reconciliation a new NLP based technique he has developed to resolve this type of ‘I … critical judgement of some sort … myself’ conflict, replacing tension and acrimony with compassion and understanding. This process is easy to learn and use, and it is a powerful way to soften this kind of internal conflict.

If one of your goals is to accept yourself, and there are all sorts of good reasons why accepting yourself is very beneficial, you may find this process will be very helpful.

You will need some experience of NLP to make the most of this process. The session will consist of demonstrations and practice. You will also need to bring a few examples of the ‘I … critical judgement … myself’ patterns that apply to you to get the benefit while learning to help others.

The NLP Cafe meeting will be in The Teaching Centre, St Oswald’s Hospice, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne. It starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm.

The cost is just £10 on the night.

Giving yourself a hard time


Imagine that you are in a relationship with someone who hates you and tells you on a regular basis.

Imagine that they criticise every mistake and find fault with everything that you do.

Imagine they told you that all this criticism was for your own good even though it doesn’t feel that way.

Imagine that this person had been with you for a long time, showed no sign of letting up, and would be with you until the day you died.

Wouldn’t that be horrible, wouldn’t you want that to be different?

What if that other person was you?

Image courtesy of SashaW

EFT Cafe – Relieving Self Criticism

Do you like being criticised?

Do you enjoy having your deficiencies pointed out?

No, not many people do. It’s uncomfortable when others tell us we are too this or that, or not enough of the other. Yet many of us criticises ourselves in these ways all the time.

We tell ourselves that we are too fat, too old, too lazy, too stupid to be able to do something. Or we are not smart enough,  not experienced enough, not brave enough to do something else.

Somewhere in our minds we have a standard that we are failing to meet. You may want to do something to improve in that regard and that’s understandable. However you may be using I’m too … or I’m not … enough to give yourself a hard time.

You may think that you ‘have’ to do things this way to make a change for the better, but how well is that strategy working for you?

No one arrives in the world thinking – I’m not good enough or I’m too lazy – you learnt that, or more likely you were taught that at an early age.

If you want to be more accepting of yourself then letting go of these judgements may be a good place to start.

In standard EFT you might start by tapping on the phrase ‘Even though I am too lazy (or whatever) I accept myself and how I feel’. This is one way of working but it is working on the current experience of the belief rather than the source of the belief.

In this month’s EFT Cafe Andy Hunt will demonstrate a process involving EFT and NLP that allows you to go to the time you acquired these beliefs and release them. If you are troubled by these kinds of self judgements or you work with people who are this will be a valuable process to learn. You won’t need any experience of NLP but you will need some experience of EFT to get the most from this session.

The EFT Cafe is on Wednesday 14th April from 7pm to 9pm in The Teaching Centre, St Oswald’s Hospice, South Gosforth, Newcastle. The cost is just £10.

Image courtesy of woodleywonderworks

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