Bill O'Hanlon: The Geography Of Possibilities

My colleague Nigel Hetherington and I at IntegrityNLP are very proud to be hosting The Geography of Possibilities Workshop with Bill O’Hanlon in Newcastle on September 11th and 12th. Bill O’Hanlon was one of the great hypnotherapist Milton Erikson’s students and is very well known therapist, trainer and author. He says of this workshop: Possibility […] Read more »

Moving house and losing a phone number

I’m moving house. Leaving Gateshead and moving in with my partner Karen in Blyth in Northumberland. Therefore the contact number 0191 478 2726 some of you may be using (or wanting to use) will stop working in about 10 days time. If you want to call me about work related issues please use the number […] Read more »

Inner Reconciliation

‘A house divided against itself cannot stand’ – Mathew 12:25 Just imagine for a moment you are in a conversation with someone important to you and they start saying “I hate you” or “I blame you” or “I can’t forgive you”. That would be difficult stuff to take, especially if the reason you are being […] Read more »

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Giving yourself a hard time

Imagine that you are in a relationship with someone who hates you and tells you on a regular basis. Imagine that they criticise every mistake and find fault with everything that you do. Imagine they told you that all this criticism was for your own good even though it doesn’t feel that way. Imagine that […] Read more »

EFT Cafe – Relieving Self Criticism

Do you like being criticised? Do you enjoy having your deficiencies pointed out? No, not many people do. It’s uncomfortable when others tell us we are too this or that, or not enough of the other. Yet many of us criticises ourselves in these ways all the time. We tell ourselves that we are too […] Read more »

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