Metaprograms and Toilet Rolls

Last Saturday on the IntegrityNLP NLP Practitioner training I presented a segment on metaprograms. Metaprograms are the different ways in which we attend to and represent information from our experience. If you watch the video you will see that this apparently abstract part of NLP can be explored using some of the most humble and […] Read more »

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The Gulliver Club

Changing your life one step at a time The Gulliver Club is an opportunity for anyone who has learnt EFT to come together in a supportive environment to practice their EFT skills. This is a place to do just that in a warm, friendly setting in which we use EFT to undo old hurts, put […] Read more »

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ChangeCamp – March 20th, Newcastle upon Tyne

ChangeCamp is a one day low cost event in the North East for professionals and interested laypeople who want to change their inner and outer worlds for the better. It can be about changing yourself if you want to explore your inner life and further develop your skills and resources. It can also be about […] Read more »