NLP Master Practitioner

mastery: (noun) comprehensive knowledge or command of a subject or skill There’s a big difference between a good driver and someone who has just passed his test. There’s a big difference between a cook and a chef. There’s a big difference between a hill walker and a mountaineer. One of the differences is practice and […] Read more »

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Aligning Your Values Workshop – February 2010

Last year I wrote a couple of articles – New Year’s Clarifications and Sorting the wheat from the chaff –  about clarifying values. What values are, why they are important and why it might be useful to work on them. Here’s a reminder of why understanding and aligning our values is so important. Because they […] Read more »

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What if you took an NLP Practitioner Training?

Why would anyone bother to take an NLP Practitioner Training? After all it’s a weird thing from California and it costs money. On one level it’s a completely understandable question, time and money can feel like scarce commodities. Why spend 10 weekends over 10 months learning personal and professional transformation skills? Most people want to […] Read more »

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December Beginner's EFT

Just to let you know that the December Beginner’s EFT has been cancelled. The Beginner’s EFT format is being revamped and will be re-launched in the New Year. So if you want to find out about EFT and do St Oswald’s Hospice a favour at the same time stay tuned. Read more »