The Emotional Stunt Double Process using EFT

As you probably know in film-making a stunt double is someone who looks like the star and stands in for them in anything that looks remotely dangerous. The stunt double takes the risk while the star remains untouched. In a session with a client whom I’ll call Katie, we developed a way of using an […] Read more »

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ChangeCamp is back!

Yes folks, there is going to be another ChangeCamp this year. Following the great success of the first ever ChangeCamp we are going to show the Autumn collection of presentations and workshops on Saturday 24th October 2009 at Gosforth High Schoool in Newcastle If you were at the first ChangeCamp you will know the score: […] Read more »

Autumn dates for Beginners EFT

I’m running a new series of Beginner’s EFT sessions at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre as a simple introduction to EFT and a fundraiser for the hospice. It’s an excellent way to find out about EFT and give a worthwhile organisation a boost. The dates for the new Beginner’s EFT sessions are: Monday 28th Sepember […] Read more »

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The Incredible Shrinking Syringe

A client of mine is undergoing chemotherapy. Every three weeks she gets injections of three drugs into a drip line inserted into the wrist. The drugs have to go into the drip line because there is quite a volume of medication and the syringes holding them are big, about six inches long and an inch […] Read more »

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