Not The Edinburgh Marathon

Unfortunately I’ve decided to withdraw from this year’s Edinburgh Marathon which is scheduled for this coming Sunday. I really wanted to run this as a celebration (believe it or not) of my 50th birthday which has just passed but I’ve been able to do less preparation than I’ve needed to and had a series of […] Read more »

ChangeCamp: EFT for Cancer Care

EFT can be used to greatly relieve the emotional aspects of cancer from diagnosis through treatment and living beyond cancer. At ChangeCamp 2009 on June 27th I’ll be giving an hour long presentation where I will describe how EFT can be used to: Recover from difficult appointments and medical procedures so that you don’t lie […] Read more »

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Putting things in perspective

How often have you heard other people lamenting their inability to put things into perspective? If only we could step back and appreciate the bigger picture and put things into context. Fortunately NLP gives us some specific techniques to allow us to do just that. In this week’s NLP Cafe I will take you through […] Read more »