Skillful use of EFT

It’s always good for me to hear about people putting the skills I teach into action. On Saturday I was presenting an EFT Level 1 training in Newcastle. One of the participants who had attended a Beginner’s EFT training told the group that she and her husband made time each week to sit down, talk about anything that was on their mind and tap out any bad feelings they had as a way of maintaining a harmonious relationship.

I think that’s a perfect use of EFT – simple, practical, consistent and beneficial. It doesn’t require any special skills just a willingness to use something simple on a regular basis. This is what I think of as Practising Wellbeing

EFT Level 1 in Newcastle

On Saturday 18th April I will be running an EFT Level 1 training in The Quaker Meeting Hall, Jesmond, Newcastle. This is the introductory level of EFT training and equips you with the skills to use EFT to work on your own issues and those of your family and friends.

It’s a hands-on training with lots of supervised practice, you’ll soon be using EFT for yourself, and you may be surprised at just how quick, effective and painless it can be for a wide variety of issues. The cost of the full day’s training (plus extensive manual) is just £60

Email for an application form.

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