Introducing NLP – March 7th & 8th

Introducing NLP Perhaps you have seen Paul McKenna demonstrating some NLP on TV, maybe you’ve read about NLP in a book or magazine, it could be that someone you know has shown you some. You know NLP seems kind of interesting and it looks like it could be very useful but it’s difficult to make […] Read more »

EFT Café: Hopeless, Helpless, Worthless

Neutralising Limiting Beliefs: Possibility, Capability, Deservedness Three common areas of limiting beliefs about being able to achieve any goal are: Hopelessness – The desired goal is not possible. It may be possible for other people to achieve this goal but it’s not possible for me. Helplessness – Even though the goal might be possible for […] Read more »

Invitation to ChangeCamp 2009

I’d like to invite you to a rather unorthodox un-conference called ChangeCamp 2009 that I am organising for Saturday 27th June in Gosforth High School in Newcastle. ChangeCamp 2009 is designed as a low cost conference event for practitioners of NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Solution Focussed Brief Therapy and coaching, and for members of the public […] Read more »