EFT for Addictions Course

Masha Bennett a skilled EFT and NLP practitioner is running  courses for people who would like to use EFT in their work with addictions. The courses are at a variety of levels and include an introduction to EFT so no prior experience is required. In her description of the course Masha writes: Our EFT Training […] Read more »

Language In Action

My good friend Nigel Hetherington of Communicating Excellence is sponsoring a Language in Action training in Newcastle with Christina Hall one of the founders of NLP. The course is only open to Master Practitioners of NLP and there are a few places left. Lively and interactive, this training is based on accelerated and integrative approach […] Read more »

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STEP: Simple Trauma Elimination Process

Do you work with people who have experienced a trauma? People’s responses to trauma vary widely, some people just pick themselves up and get on with it, others are very uncomfortable remembering the event, others may re-live it in terrible clarity suffering intrusive memories, flashbacks or full blown PTSD. Working with people who have suffered […] Read more »

New Years Clarifications: Part 2

Image by Lincolnian via Flickr Sorting the wheat from the chaff Values aren’t created equal. We have a unique mix of values with differing levels of importance to us. If we value solitude more than socialising that might incline us to take long solo hikes in the hills. If it’s the other way round we […] Read more »

A Short Course In Coping With Worry

Are you a worrier? It’s not quite the happiest of New Years. Financial difficulties. Looming recession. The flu bug that’s going around. Wars and disasters on the TV. Lots of challenging situations for all of us, but if you are a worrier it’s just so much worse. As if the reality of the situation wasn’t […] Read more »