New Year Clarifications

Image by Jessica Bee via Flickr It’s the season of New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps prodded by optimism or guilt we decide to undertake a worthy project for the New Year: loosing weight, taking up exercise, learning French, being nicer to our in-laws. I’ve got more than a few candidates for New Year’s Resolutions things I […] Read more »

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NLP Café: Laughter Workshop

The NLP Cafe run by IntegrityNLP is starting the New Year in style by taking one of the most important aspects of life very seriously! Laughter! This laughter workshop is hosted by Keith Adams of Voluntary Aspirations. The event will be fun, stimulating and you will laugh out loud a lot. There are a maximum […] Read more »

The Problem With Learning EFT

There’s a problem with learning EFT at a Beginner’s EFT or EFT Level 1 training or some other informal introduction. Lot’s of people seem to have trouble using EFT effectively for themselves. Here are a few potential snags that get in the way of successful use of EFT: You are not sure what to do: […] Read more »

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Reasons to be cheerful

According to my sniffling and coughing friends there’s a ‘bug going around’. The thought of something being contagious does not make people cheerful in the normal run of things. That might be about to change. In the British Medical Journal there’s an article that demonstrates that happiness is also contagious and spreads through social groups. […] Read more »

You're talking my kind of language

In NLP we are committed to respecting and communicating in ways that work for our clients, students or colleagues. In North Vancouver they seem to be promoting the same principles across species. I suspect the author is a keen fan of the Gary Larson cartoons which explore these themes in great depth. Read more »