Great North Run

The photographic roof is finally in. I really did run in this year’s Great North Run. This is the only photo in the set that doesn’t show me running with my head down. It must have been the moment that two of the Red Arrows flew just overhead and gave a lot of us a […] Read more »

EFT Level 2 Training in Newcastle

I’m running an EFT Level 2 Practitioner Training in January 2009. The training spread over two successive Saturdays (17th & 31st). The training is intended for those in the helping professions who wish to add this extremely effective method to their toolkit. You need to have successfully completed an EFT Level 1 before taking this […] Read more »

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You charge people money for this? Good grief.

This comment from ‘L Street’ appeared on the Therapy page of this website but I’d like to address it here on the front page because he  makes some interesting points that are well worth addressing.  For simplicities sake I’m going to assume ‘L Street’ is a he, she can correct me if I’m wrong. You […] Read more »

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A Trip To The Dentist – Part II

You may remember I wrote about how I prepared to make a long overdue dental appointment more bearable by using EFT. Today I got an unexpected opportunity to see how long lasting those preparations were. I was due a checkup this morning. I went expecting to get a quick once over to check how my […] Read more »

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Framing the debate: bail-out or rescue?

Framing is an important part of any communication. How we ‘frame’ a message can dramatically change it’s effectiveness. In this BBC News article If only the bail-out had been called a rescue Jonathan Gabay discusses how choice of words affected the passage of America’s $700 billion bail-out plan. The use of the word bail-out is […] Read more »

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Research Catches Up With NLP

NLP has been in existence for more than 30 years. One of it’s signature techniques is the Visual Kinesthetic (VK) dissociation process that is used to distance oneself from stressful experiences. ‘Real’ psychologists can be a bit ‘sniffy’ about NLP processes citing the lack of scientific research in this field. They might find some reassurance […] Read more »

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