All behaviour has a positive intention

All behaviour has a positive intention is one of the presuppositions or operating beliefs of NLP. At first blush this sounds a little unlikely. A cursory glance in the newspapers will show a huge range of cruel, stupid and just plain nasty behaviour. That’s the point while the behaviour may be all those things the […] Read more »

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The Purpose Of Life

Here’s an engaging animation on the purpose of life. It’s an unlikely combination of a part of a talk by Alan Watts and an animation from the makers of South Park. Years ago I attempted to read a battered, second hand bookshop copy of Watts’ “Tao: The Watercourse Way” without success. Perhaps I would have […] Read more »

The Strange World of the Placebo

Ben Goldacre a doctor and writer has just completed a fascinating two-parter look at the strange world of the Placebo on BBC Radio 4. Starting with the story of Eliasha Perkins in the 18th Century and his ‘Perkins Tractor’ a device reported to provide miracle cures by taking away bad electrical influences. It’s funny how […] Read more »

Practice makes perfect

There are two opportunities coming up in the Newcastle area to practice your EFT and or NLP skills. The EFT Cafe is returning after a summer break with an exploration of a process I have been developing with clients to make resolving unpleasant memories more comfortable. EFT makes resolving traumas very straightforward and comfortable. The […] Read more »