A trip to the dentist

Thursday 10:30 pm Tomorrow I’m going to the dentist for a filling and scale and polish. I don’t mind the filling too much it’s the scaling I don’t like. Most of the dentists I’ve been too like to dig away like frustrated navvies while I lie there wondering whether they are going to pull my […] Read more »

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After the summer

I  know, I shouldn’t even be mentioning after the summer. Some of us feel we haven’t started summer yet.  I thought I would let you know what you can look forward to in September. Beginner’s EFT This simple three hour introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). This workshop is a fund raiser for St Oswald’s […] Read more »

EFT on the TV news

The BBC Midland’s Today local news programme aired this short piece about how a former dancer used EFT to overcome ME. BBC NEWS | Tapping therapy ‘cures’ woman It’s a nice summary with the obligatory cautious remark from a spokesperson for the ME Society. Read more »

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Shhhh! The Movie

If you are a serious fan of The Secret then I suggest that you don’t visit Guru You University and watch ‘Shhhh! The Movie’. On the other hand if you enjoy a good send up then you may find it strangely enjoyable. Read more »