Are you sitting on a happy chair?

I came upon this story from Vikas an NLP Practitioner from India on the excellent Art of NLP newsgroup. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of his approach. About 18 months ago a young lady asked me for help for her depression. She was visiting a psychiatrist and taking some medicine for depression for preceding few […] Read more »

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Juggling your way out of anxiety

This is a very useful (non-EFT) method for reducing anxiety recommended by Andy Austin. All you need is your anxiety and a tennis or juggling ball. Brain scan studies have demonstrated that anxiety only occurs in one hemisphere of the brain. If you force the both hemispheres of the brain to communicate with some physical […] Read more »

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Getting in and out of a state

In NLP a state is word describing the sum total of how we feel, our mood and our physiology. Some states are very simple and have common every day names such as: angry, loving, dissappointed. Other states can be complex combinations of feelings and moods that may have no name but are very familiar to […] Read more »

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EFT Level 1 Training

On June 7th I will be running an EFT Level 1 training at St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle. This is the introductory level of EFT training and equips you with the skills to use EFT to work on your own issues and those of your family and friends. It’s a hands-on training with lots of supervised […] Read more »

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The Happy List

Today the Times brings out the list of the 100 richest people in Britain. If you’re one of them and like to read about yourself, fine! If you are not one of them and find it all a little depressing here’s a list that’ll do you some good: The Independent on Sunday Happy List profiles […] Read more »

SET at the EFT Cafe

The May meeting of the EFT Cafe will focus on Simple Energy Techniques (SET) a an approach that is similar to EFT because it involves tapping on accupuncture points but different in that it doesn’t use setup statements and encourages continual tapping throughout a session. SET was developed by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake […] Read more »