Evening EFT Level 1 Training in Newcastle

There is still time and places available on the EFT Level 1 training split over two evenings starting next Tuesday, April 1st between 6pm-9pm and completed on Wednesday April 9th. This training is approved by Gary Craig the founder of EFT. Amongst other things we’ll cover the use of EFT to resolve difficult memories, physical […] Read more »

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A stroke of genius

This is a talk given by Jill Bolte Taylor a neuroanatomist who realised one morning that she was suffering a stroke and used the opportunity to pay attention to what was happening to her. The video is extraordinary on many levels, inspiring, informative and told in a very dramatic way. Read more »

What are you missing?

Here’s an excellent variation on an old experiment demonstrating how easy it is to miss the obvious. It’s a common conceit that we are aware of everything that is going on around us. Unfortunately we only have limited brain power and stuff gets left out, distorted or simplified. It’s one of the central premises of […] Read more »

Stepping out from under a cloud

Riding on the bus into Newcastle this morning, sinking into the familiar flat feeling that’s been with me since my mum passed away. It’s barely noticeable a slightly sad, low and flat feeling the Victorians would probably have called lassitude. It’s been quite constant feeling not bad enough to do something specific about but here, […] Read more »

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