Rest In Peace

 It was a beautiful day. February sun in a clear blue sky; cold, but with the promise of Spring. Walking with good friends along Hadrian’s Wall. Making our way down through the trees from the ridge about Crag Lough my mobile rings. I don’t recognise the number. I answer and my sister tearfully says “You’d […] Read more »

Medical NLP

NLP is a skill set that is used in all sorts of fields from education, training, management, sales and medicine to name but a few. When learning about NLP for the first time people often wonder how do I apply these approaches in my line of work. There are quite a few medical practitioners using […] Read more »

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Mindfulness and pain

Last week one of my clients had expressed an interest in mindfulness meditation for pain relief. She was looking for some general information. I offered to lend her my copy of Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat Zinn which is one of the earliest and most comprehensive books on the subject Since I have quite […] Read more »

EFT for Self Acceptance: Part 3

A lot of our difficulties with feeling self-acceptance comes from the idea that we don’t quite come up to standard. We’re too fat or too thin, we don’t have enough confidence or patience. If you are going to judge yourself you need to have a standard against which to fail. Over the years we’ve accumulated […] Read more »

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NLP Cafe – How to Increase Self Esteem

When people are feeling great, on-top of the world, self satisfying, self belief and self-aligned, they might well be described as having high self esteem.On the other hand, when people are feeling down, unhappy with their lot, under preforming and perhaps even miserable, they can be described as having low self esteem. We all use […] Read more »

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