Practice your NLP skills in Newcastle

In a couple of weeks time we (Nigel Hetherington and I) will be hosting the first NLP Café practice group at St Oswald’s Hospice. In anticipation of the New Year, Nigel will be presenting some exercises to influence your future outcomes using timelines. The NLP Cafe meets on the second Wednesday of the month at […] Read more »

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The 12 Tips of Christmas

This is a series of 12 tips to help you get the most out of the Christmas holiday season, whatever your religious beliefs. These tips are based on NLP and other techniques and are aimed at how you feel about the holiday and everything that goes on around it. You won’t find any help in […] Read more »

EFT Level 1 – January 2008

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a new, and easy to learn, self help process that can dramatically relieve distress and improve the quality of your life. Using EFT you can relieve painful memories, reduce anxiety or other negative emotions, relieve cravings, and ease many physical symptoms. It’s quick to learn and easy to apply. This […] Read more »

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Loving your work

Waiting for a haircut this morning I got into a conversation with another guy waiting his turn. He was a volunteer swimming coach for his local swimming club and a Special Needs school here in Gateshead working with physically and mentally disabled children. He told me about his schedule as an unpaid volunteer, three days […] Read more »

Introduction to Hypnosis in Newcastle

My good friend, and colleague at IntegrityNLP, Nigel Hetherington is running an introduction to hypnosis weekend at the beginning of December here in Newcastle. This workshop will concentrate on how to use hypnosis for beneficial change work and entering states of relaxation for the purposes of meditation, healing, deep relaxation and stress elimination. The workshop […] Read more »

Five ways to reduce stress in daily life using EFT

This is a collection of some of my earlier articles explaining how to use EFT to reduce the stresses and strains of everyday life. TV Therapy – how to use the humble television as a therapeutic aid. By using EFT on whatever emotions arise while watching TV programs you can get extra benefit from what […] Read more »

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