How to lift your mood with happy cards.

Here’s a simple technique based on the NLP Solitaire process that can be a useful pick me up when you are feeling a little down. All you need is a pack of blank index cards and a little time to get things started.

One way of thinking of these cards is as though they were an emotional snap shot album of all your best moments. As you know, you will start to feel good if you look through a favourite snap shot album.

On each blank index card write a few words that describe a happy or (positive) powerful life experience. You don’t need to write an essay just a few words that bring the experience to mind. Read what you’ve written for a moment and step back into that experience to really enjoy it.

Continue adding to your collection of ‘happy cards’. You will need at least 20 cards, the more the better. You can add extra cards to the collection at any time.

When you are bothered by something, or you are in a mood that’s difficult to shake off.

  • Make a mental note of how you are feeling.
  • Shuffle your cards and take one.
  • Read the description on the card and once more step back into that experience.
  • After a short while, if you are still feeling out of sorts, take another card, read the description and step into that happy experience.
  • Keep reading and ‘stepping into’ the experiences on the cards until your mood lifts.
  • How are you feeling now? How does that compare to how you were when you began?

When you think of other positive experiences, or have some new ones, make a note of them on an index card and add them to your collection.

Please note: If the unhappy experience you are having at the moment is very severe this process may not be as helpful as some of the other EFT and NLP techniques that are available.

EFT for Cancer Stress Relief

As some of you may know I’ve been interested in using EFT and other techniques to help the relieve the stress and anxiety of cancer. I think the moment the doctor says “I’m sorry you have cancer” then most people get a huge dose of anxiety and stress to go with disease itself.

I have seen a few individual clients with cancer and done voluntary work with the Northumberland Cancer Support Group. Up to now I’ve always been a bit low key in how I promote this aspect of my work, but I think it’s time to be a bit more explicit about what can be done to help people in this predicament.

From what I’ve seen there is a huge amount of emotional suffering that goes on after the diagnosis. I think EFT, NLP and other techniques can reduce a huge amount of the suffering that goes with the illness. I want to offer these skills to cancer patients and their carers.

If you want to know more about using EFT in cancer care you can find out more on the Cancer Stress Relief page on this site. If you know someone who might benefit from this information please pass it on.

Scantily clad therapist makes a run for it!

Andy in the Great North Run Just in case you thought I was making the Great North Run story up. I just received some of the photos that were taken during the race.

Everyone gets an opportunity to look at how good or otherwise they look. This picture is the one where I don’t look as though I belong in intensive care.

Thanks once again to all my sponsors (I’ll be coming around with a hat soon). I’ll let you know what your contributions to St Oswald’s funds are this year as soon as I’ve added everything up.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s race.

P.S. Sorry about the title of this post I just couldn’t resist.

Beginner's EFT in Newcastle

If you are interested in EFT but aren’t sure whether it is for you or not, you can now try it out and help raise money for my local hospice.

Beginner’s EFT is an introductory EFT workshop showing you the basics of EFT and how to use it to relieve a stressful week in just three hours and costs just £15. By the end of it you will have an excellent skill to get over the stresses of the week.

All the proceeds of each workshop will be donated to St Oswald’s Hospice to fund their excellent work.

The workshops are taking place at St Oswald’s Hospice Teaching Centre on:

  • Wednesday 7th November 2007
  • Wednesday 5th December 2007
  • Wednesday 9th January 2008

It’s an inexpensive introduction to EFT for stress relief and the chance to assist a worthwhile cause.

Book a place by calling 0191 478 2726 or email me

How to change how you feel

We all have a baseline state, our day to day feeling or mood that influences our thoughts and behaviour. Maybe it’s a not such a good mood, unfortunately because it is so familiar it is sometimes difficult to detect the blend of feelings unless they are very intense. This EFT exercise allows you to try out a variety of negative emotions to see which ones fit and then use EFT to shift the underlying tone of your emotions.

Every day go through each of the items saying out loud each feeling statement:

  • I feel afraid
  • I feel angry
  • I feel empty
  • etc.

Give each feeling a score, between 0 and 10 estimating the feeling’s intensity. When you have reached the end of the list start tapping out each of the feelings you have identified. Tap them down as close to zero as you can get. Repeat until all the negative emotions have been reduced.

Go through this process at least once a day, continuing over the weeks to reduce the levels of background negative emotion.

Note: You may find as you tap on a specific feeling that thoughts or memories come up, make a note of them and return to neutralise them when it’s convenient.

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