How to lift your mood with happy cards.

Here’s a simple technique based on the NLP Solitaire process that can be a useful pick me up when you are feeling a little down. All you need is a pack of blank index cards and a little time to get things started. One way of thinking of these cards is as though they were […] Read more »

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EFT for Cancer Stress Relief

As some of you may know I’ve been interested in using EFT and other techniques to help the relieve the stress and anxiety of cancer. I think the moment the doctor says “I’m sorry you have cancer” then most people get a huge dose of anxiety and stress to go with disease itself. I have […] Read more »

Beginner's EFT in Newcastle

If you are interested in EFT but aren’t sure whether it is for you or not, you can now try it out and help raise money for my local hospice. Beginner’s EFT is an introductory EFT workshop showing you the basics of EFT and how to use it to relieve a stressful week in just […] Read more »

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How to change how you feel

We all have a baseline state, our day to day feeling or mood that influences our thoughts and behaviour. Maybe it’s a not such a good mood, unfortunately because it is so familiar it is sometimes difficult to detect the blend of feelings unless they are very intense. This EFT exercise allows you to try […] Read more »

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