New online group for EFT in the NHS

UPDATE: This online group is no longer available My good friend Liz Kirsopp a mental health worker here in Gateshead has started an email forum for NHS staff who use, or want to use, EFT in their work. You are most welcome wherever in the country you live and work and whatever kind of job […] Read more »

Applying NLP – An Introduction I

IntegrityNLP are presenting two introductory workshops where you can learn how to apply some simple, yet incredibly effective processes, that can make a big difference to you at work and to how you work. This workshop is aimed at anyone who has to work with patients and their families, the other workshop will work on […] Read more »

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The calming effect of naming emotions

A brain scanning study has found that naming an emotion reduces it’s intensity. Participants in the experiment were scanned while they looked at pictures of faces with different emotional expressions. It turned out that when naming an emotion … activity in a frontal lobe area called the the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex (right VLPFC) significantly […] Read more »

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The Weekly Wash

Here’s a simple way for two EFTers to help each other get over a difficult week. Make a little bit of time together to do the ‘weekly wash’. Make a list of all the ‘crap’ things that happened to you last week. All the disappointments, arguments, incidents, embarrassments, ‘Mr Angry’ moments, everything with an unpleasant […] Read more »

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Falklands Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Here in the UK it’s the anniversary of the Falklands War. The plight of ex-servicemen still suffering from the effects of PTSD from that conflict is being reported in the media, including this article in The Times David Walters who runs an EFT based program to help ex-servicemen overcome the trauma of that conflict has […] Read more »

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How many sessions will this take?

This is a very popular question with my clients. It’s understandable, they have a problem they want solved and they are having to pay for my time. Of course the question is very difficult to answer. Even problems at seem quite straightforward may have many hidden aspects. I like to use the metaphor of the […] Read more »