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One of the accusations made against NLP is that it has no basis in science or research. As one of the long standing experts in NLP, Steve Andreas comments.

Anyone with even a little training in NLP knows from personal experience and client feedback how rapid and effective it can be. And we also know how often we are asked by skeptics, “What is the scientific evidence for NLP?” The simple answer is, “There isn’t any.” As a result, NLP is often dismissed as a “cult,” or another “pop psychology” or “new age scam,” particularly by many in the helping profession, and hundreds of thousands of clients who could have been helped have no opportunity to find out how effective NLP is. Moreover, because these techniques are not being fully investigated, the contributions that they might provide for practitioners in the fields of therapy, education, business, medicine, and other fields are not being realized.

The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health are setting up an NLP Research and Recognition Project to coordinate current research into NLP and it’s application.

I think it’s very important that convincing scientific evidence is produced in support of NLP procedures and techniques. In these days of evidence based care it can be difficult to persuade service providers to venture into anything new or unfamiliar. Quality research could make us much more persuasive.

The full text of the email from Steve Andreas is presented below.

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To sleep, perchance to dream.

Dr Dave Van Nuys of the excellent Shrink Rap Radio is doing a series of podcasts on dreaming.

One of his guests, Robert Hoss, presented a method of dream interpretation that allowed you to find out the meaning of your dreams without having to look at one of those so called ‘dream dictionaries’. Normally I’m not very interested in dream work because people seem to rush to find out what someone else thinks a dream means.

HELLO! The dream is yours, not theirs!

In contrast, his approach is based on Gestalt methods, using six questions to allow access to the meaning of components of the dream. This process seems to give a simple and elegant way to find out from the dream itself what it is trying to tell you rather than interpret it’s ‘standard’ meaning.

Listen to the podcast : [audio:] or download it

After looking at his website I found that he is also interested in Energy Psychology techniques including EFT.

He has combined his approach to working with dreams and using EFT into a process, modestly entitled The Dream-to-Freedom(tm) Technique. This is an interesting approach I’m looking forward to trying out.

His website has a wealth of articles and information related to dreams and dreaming, well worth investigating if you are a ‘bit of a dreamer’.

EFT Level 1 in Newcastle

EFT Level 1 SealI’m running an approved EFT Level 1 Training in Newcastle on Saturday July 14th at the Training Centre, St Oswald’s Hospice, Newcastle.

The Level 1 course is a great way of getting started in EFT, after a day you’ll have a reliable technique to relieve anxiety, neutralise trauma, reduce cravings and relieve physical symptoms for yourself, family and friends.

Find more about my courses, contents, venues and dates on my training page.

Find out more about other EFT workshops and seminars at EFT Café website.

10 Good Reasons To Join An EFT Practice Group

  1. Use it, or loose it: If you have been on a training, or seen an EFT practitioner, you know that EFT can get you surprising results. But EFT is much more like exercise program than a magic wand, you need to put in the effort to get the results.
  2. Enjoy the company of like minded people: EFT is pretty weird, all the strange things you have to say, and the even stranger tapping. If your friends or family know nothing about EFT or think you are a little strange for wanting to do such a thing, it’s nice to meet people who know what you are talking about and think it’s a worthwhile thing to do.
  3. A little bit of encouragment goes a long way: It’s much easier to practice in company. How many exercise bikes sit unused in the corners of bedrooms and garages? It can take quite a lot of willpower to pursue an EFT ‘exercise’ program on your own. When you are with other people it’s much easier to put in the effort and get results.
  4. Help is on hand: When you are around other people who are familiar with EFT and have more experience than you do then you have a reservoir of experience and advice to help you with whatever difficulty you are working on. In general EFTers are usually keen to help and very willing to offer suggestions and support as you find your own way in this effort.
  5. It’s cheaper than therapy: While an EFT practice group is not a substitute for therapy, it is an opportunity to clear up old memories and present anxieties. Disappointments, phobias, anxieties, physical issues can all be tackled in a practice group session. Because EFT has no known side effects you can work on these issues and get some, or total, relief without having to visit a professional.
  6. You have the chance to help someone else whilst helping yourself: Since EFT is egalitarian, you have the chance to help someone else resolve some of their difficulties. In most cases you don’t have to stand by and wait for the experts. Whatever your level of skill you can help someone else make progress.
  7. When what you need is more practice not more training: Perhaps a Level 1 training is more than enough and you don’t want to go on to a Level 2, but the Level 1 course is only 1 day long and some things need more practice than that. Being in a practice group helps you get good at the things that interest you without having to invest in another training.
  8. A practice group can be a very good way to look after yourself: Many people have very stressful jobs with little formal support, or stressful lives where they have to cope with a lot of emotional pressures. EFT gives you a way of reducing those strains, and EFT practice group is a good place to get some relief from stress.
  9. EFT is good for you. It’s relaxing and calming, you’ll feel a lot better when you finish than when you start. It’s a massage for the emotions, so why not take some time to pamper yourself.
  10. It’s a great way to establish your credentials: If you are a Level 2 Practitioner this is a great way to become more widely known. It doesn’t mean spending the session doing a hard sell, it means demonstrating your skill, compassion and trustworthiness. If people like what they see they’ll let you know.

Ask a local EFT Practitioner or Trainer if there is a practice group near you. If there isn’t, start one! You only need a few friends who know about EFT. Meet informally, only work on stuff you feel confident about and start reaping the benefits.

If you would like some information about the EFT Cafe, an EFT practice group I help run here in Newcastle, and how I organise it let me know.

Anger management

Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody’s power, that is not easy.

Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics

On the Level 1 course during the section about neutralising negative memories I’m often asked these kinds of questions.

“What would happen if the negative emotion were given up, wouldn’t we end up being apathetic?”

“If I lost my anger over this issue I wouldn’t do anything about it, I need my anger to motivate me”.

My answer to this is to suggest that it’s still possible to change things without resorting to anger or frustration. That doesn’t sound completely convincing to most people. It’s almost a given in this culture that you have to be angry or frustrated about something to get things done.

I in a recent EFT Level 1 training I had an opportunity to explore this question for myself. I used a 20 year old memory of a news item in which Israeli soldiers were filmed using rocks to break the arms of stone throwing Palestinian youths. I remember being shocked, disgusted and very angry at the site of those pictures.

I wanted to write to the Israeli ambassador to complain about the injustice of it, but I didn’t do that, instead I grumbled about it and pushed the memory to the back of my mind. We used the EFT Movie Technique for resolving troublesome memories. A few rounds of tapping and we were done.

As I thought about the memory again, this time without the charge of anger I realised that the anger was appropriate at the time. It demonstrated a violation of my values and if I had followed it through, it could have propelled me into action. But I hadn’t done that, the opportunity had long gone, but the anger remained. This reaction was 20 years past it’s sell by date.

I suspect that people are carrying round with them an awful lot of anger that’s well past it’s sell by date. As I mentioned in an earlier post unresolved anger can turn up in physical problems.

How about the morality of this event. I still think it was the wrong thing for those soldiers to be doing, I’m not indifferent to it, but if anything I’m able to better appreciate both sides of the situation, before it was definitely bad guys vs good guys. Now I feel more balanced about it, better able to come to an appropriate response, rather than just reacting.

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