Learning Styles And "True Love"

This article from Charlie Badenhop nicely illustrates one of the fundamental aspects of NLP, which is that we think about things in different ways based on or sensory preferences. What do you think draws you to some people, while keeping you separate from others? Would you be surprised if I told you it might have to do with […] Read more »

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The Great North Run 2007

I’ve had the great good luck (!) to get another place in the BUPA Great North Run on behalf of St Oswald’s Hospice. This will be the fifth time I’ve run in the world’s largest half-marathon and I’m looking to redeem last years painful performance by improving my race time and gathering more sponsorship for […] Read more »

EFT in Saltwell Park

I’m running two EFT Level 1 courses in the Training Rooms in Saltwell Park in Gateshead. The all day trainings are on Saturday 28th April and Saturday 12th May. The Level 1 course is a great way of getting started in EFT, after a day you’ll have a reliable technique to relieve anxiety, neutralise trauma, […] Read more »

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Being perfect

During one of the EFT Cafe meetings a friend and I were discussing the problem of having to be perfect. ‘I must be perfect’ is quite a common theme and I have a way of dealing with it which I’ll mention at the end of this post. I mentioned to my friend that I’d got […] Read more »

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