Fear of heights

It’s always nice to get reports from people who’ve attended my training or therapy sessions. One of the attendees of my introductory EFT Level 1 courses sent me the following email

Hi Andy

I was on your Level 1 course, I was the one with the anxiety attacks and height phobia.

At the end of the session we worked on my anxieties and used second floor in Tesco’s as an example.

Well today was the first chance I had to go there, I worked some EFT in the morning then off we went.

I must say I came with an open mind but if am honest was a little sceptical because I`ve had this thing for so long and thought I would have it for life and would be just something I would have to deal with.

I just have one word “WOW”, I couldn`t believe the difference in me when I went up there . My partner couldn`t believe it either.

So much so that when we came down I had to go up again.

Now I’m excited about trying my next test of heights.

So I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say THANK YOU!!!!

Thanks again


It’s always nice to hear about EFT success stories and particularly good to hear about people putting what they’ve learned into practice.

You have to use these techniques to get the benefit.

Acupressure significantly reduces dementia agitation

An article in the Journal of Clinical Nursing reported that acupressure was used to significantly reduce the level of agitation in dementia patients.

The research, conducted in Taiwan showed that twice daily 15 minute treatment sessions reduced verbal and physical attacks and wandering. Unfortunately once the 4 week treatment period ended agitation levels began to rise again.

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Running with the ball

A few weeks ago I started seeing a new client, like all my clients I taught her how to use EFT giving her the little manual that explains the procedure and tapping points.

In the following session she told me that she had shown one of her neighbours how to do the EFT. The neighbour’s wife had died two years earlier from cancer and he was still angry about it. In the face of some scepticism my client showed him the points and how to tap.

After 4 rounds of tapping his anger level had dropped from 7 to 0!

I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel when someone takes these skills and does some good with them.

Happy patches

There’s quite a nice process for reducing/eliminating cravings in EFT used by smokers to help them quit the habit. However reducing the cravings is only half the story.

From the EFT point of view, eliminating the cravings is only half the story, for most people smoking, overeating, excessive drinking etc is a way of dealing with unpleasant emotions such as anxiety or stress. Typically once you’ve eliminated the craving, and stopped taking your substance of choice, then the negative emotion that was being suppressed comes to the surface giving you a strong reason to go back to your drug of choice.

Now someone is working on a pharmacological solution to this problem Study Will Test Antidepressant Patch That May Help Smokers Kick The Habit

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EFT Level 1 Course (February 10th)

I’m running another EFT Level 1 course on February 10th at St Oswald’s Hospice in Newcastle.

The Level 1 course is a great way of getting started in EFT, after a day you’ll have a reliable technique to relieve anxiety, neutralise trauma, reduce cravings and relieve physical symptoms for yourself, family and friends.

You can find more details about my courses, contents, venues and dates on my training page.

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