Grandad's Barometer

My granddad used to have a barometer hanging in the hallway. It was one of those old fashioned, brass and wood affairs that looked like a mahogany banjo suspended on the wall. Along it’s stem there was a big mercury thermometer, which could not have been exercised beyond 5 degrees of it’s usual reading in the cool and gloomy hallway.

Below the thermometer in the belly of the device lay the barometer, one of those brass bellows contraptions, with a scrolled dial running from Stormy at one end to Fine at the other. A large brass pointer indicated the barometer’s best guess at the weather.

My granddad would approach the barometer, peer at the dial and tap lightly on the glass. Shaken out of it’s reverie the pointer would move this way or that and settle into it’s true position. Somehow it needed to be tapped to allow itself to move.

In some ways I think this is like EFT. Our system is out of alignment, the needle is stuck, often on Stormy or Unsettled. It needs a few judicious taps to allow the system to move this way or that and settle into it’s true position. Have you tapped on your barometer this morning?

Newcastle EFT Cafe

If you are an EFTer and would like the chance to practice amongst other EFTers, I’m launching a practice opportunity called the EFT Cafe. This is a low cost opportunity to learn new approaches and practice your skills under supervision.

At the moment there is only a ‘Newcastle branch’ meeting on the first Tuesday of every month. To learn more visit the Newcastle EFT Cafe page.

Hexham EFT Course

Approved EFT Level 1 CourseI’m running a one day Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Level 1 course in Hexham on November 18th at the Queen Elizabeth High School.

EFT is a new, and easy to learn, self help process that can dramatically relieve distress and improve the quality of your life. Using EFT you can relieve painful memories, reduce anxiety or other negative emotions, relieve cravings, and ease many physical symptoms. It’s quick to learn and easy to apply. Click here for more information.

Pamper your mind … learn to meditate

Meditation is an age old method of calming mind and body, it can help you develop calmness and tranquillity, reduce stress, and have a richer, deeper, experience of life.

If you’d like to learn to meditate, I am running a six week meditation and relaxation course at The Bodywork Centre in Hexham on Wednesday afternoons.

The course starts on Wednesday November 1st, each session, lasting one hour, starts at 1pm and costs £5.00.

The course is secular and suitable for people of all faiths and none, you won’t need to sit in the lotus position, wear a robe or shave your head. You just need to be ready to relax and settle your mind.

To book a place on the course contact: The Bodywork Centre, Hexham on 01434 601 577

Stress linked to Alzheimers

An interesting article, Stress boosts Alzheimer’s proteins in the brain, in the New Scientist links stress and the risk of Alzheimers disease (in mice)

Brief periods of stress can cause a rapid rise in the brain proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study in mice.

Just three days of stress caused an abrupt 42% increase in brain proteins thought to cause the disease. The study helps to shed light on why people who experience great stress and anxiety appear more prone to this illness, experts say.

The researchers relate this to experience with people, in particluar a famous study about attitudes and longevity amongst Catholic nuns.

A previous study of nearly 800 Catholic nuns, priests and brothers found that those plagued by negative emotions, such as depression and anxiety, had about twice the risk of Alzheimer’s as those who took a more laid-back approach to life.

Holtzman says the mouse experiment adds to the growing body of evidence that reducing stress in everyday life might lower a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease. He also speculates that anti-anxiety drugs might one day have a role in the control of this illness.

I agree with everything he says until he mentions anti-anxiety drugs. He could just have well have said meditation, relaxation techniques or EFT. Low cost, no side-effects and much more enjoyable.

Driving stress ….

I was driving into Newcastle the other day when a car travelling in the opposite direction pulled across me to turn into a side street. I wasn’t travelling fast and was able to brake to avoid a collision. I was startled, able to utter “What a *#!ing idiot!!!”, but the initial shock soon passed (I thank EFT for improving my ability to cool down quickly) as I drove on.

After a while I noticed I was saying “What a *#!ing idiot” to myself quite a lot. As if the impact of the incident had passed but my judgement of the driver hadn’t. As I continued to drive I used the Fingertip EFT method to work on the feeling using “What a *#!ing idiot” as the reminder phrase. A couple of rounds and there was no charge left.

This got me thinking about using tapping for ‘small issues’. If we’d crashed, or had a very near miss, then I’d have had a load of tapping to do. That didn’t happen the only thing I was left with was this little judgemental phrase rattling around in my head. Why bother dealing with it?

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