Grandad's Barometer

My granddad used to have a barometer hanging in the hallway. It was one of those old fashioned, brass and wood affairs that looked like a mahogany banjo suspended on the wall. Along it’s stem there was a big mercury thermometer, which could not have been exercised beyond 5 degrees of it’s usual reading in […] Read more »

Newcastle EFT Cafe

If you are an EFTer and would like the chance to practice amongst other EFTers, I’m launching a practice opportunity called the EFT Cafe. This is a low cost opportunity to learn new approaches and practice your skills under supervision. At the moment there is only a ‘Newcastle branch’ meeting on the first Tuesday of […] Read more »

Hexham EFT Course

I’m running a one day Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Level 1 course in Hexham on November 18th at the Queen Elizabeth High School. EFT is a new, and easy to learn, self help process that can dramatically relieve distress and improve the quality of your life. Using EFT you can relieve painful memories, reduce anxiety […] Read more »

Pamper your mind … learn to meditate

Meditation is an age old method of calming mind and body, it can help you develop calmness and tranquillity, reduce stress, and have a richer, deeper, experience of life. If you’d like to learn to meditate, I am running a six week meditation and relaxation course at The Bodywork Centre in Hexham on Wednesday afternoons. […] Read more »

Stress linked to Alzheimers

An interesting article, Stress boosts Alzheimer’s proteins in the brain, in the New Scientist links stress and the risk of Alzheimers disease (in mice) Brief periods of stress can cause a rapid rise in the brain proteins linked to Alzheimer’s disease, according to a study in mice. Just three days of stress caused an abrupt […] Read more »

Driving stress ….

I was driving into Newcastle the other day when a car travelling in the opposite direction pulled across me to turn into a side street. I wasn’t travelling fast and was able to brake to avoid a collision. I was startled, able to utter “What a *#!ing idiot!!!”, but the initial shock soon passed (I […] Read more »

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