Simple EFT routine when you feel out of sorts

Ron Ball on EFTzone has a nice tip when you just feel out of sorts , rather than trying to figure out what you need to say as a setup statement and reminder phrase, he suggests tapping the points saying or thinking Releasing things that bother me. It’s nice and simple. For full details checkout […] Read more »

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Free talk: Stress relief for cancer sufferers

I’m presenting a free introductory talk relieving the stress of cancer. If you or someone you know has cancer you’ll appreciate that along with the illness you also get a huge amount of stress and anxiety. In this talk I’ll be discussing combining EFT and meditation techniques to reduce this kind of stress. I’ll also […] Read more »

So what's an EFT session really like?

Carol Look, a well known EFT therapist in New York, has provide a recording of a real life EFT session on her website. Her client ‘Toby’ very generously consented to have her session recorded and put online. If you’ve ever wondered what an EFT therapy session can be like this, is a great opportunity to […] Read more »

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Quick stress reduction technique

This excellent stress relief tip comes courtesy of Charlie Curtis of the Art Of NLP Yahoo newsgroup. This is a simple stress reduction process that allows you to slow down and get a pleasant sense of yourself. The pause between each instruction is essential, the more you can ‘settle into the instruction’ the more calming […] Read more »

CBT in the Guardian

There an interesting and thoughtful article in the Guardian Online about cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT, which is becoming the therapy du jour for the cash strapped NHS. The article goes into the pros and cons of CBT and the rush to use it as a quick fix. Read more »