Sleeping and dreaming

Two interesting podcasts about dreaming, the first from ITConversations, a discussion with Dr Rubin Naiman about the medical value of sleeping, dreaming and awakening. The second from Susan Gilchrist a psychologist in Tasmania investigating emotional themes in dreaming Read more »

FREE Introduction to EFT

A free introductory talk on Emotional Freedom Techniques at The Holistic & Natural Living Centre in Newcastle on June 29th at 1:00 pm. I’ll be talking about and demonstrating EFT and how can be used to achieve greater peace of mind by: Relieving the physical sensations of anxiety and stress, such as churning stomach, racing […] Read more »

Keeping a watchful eye over the honesty box

An interesting article in the New Scientist demonstrates that the feeling of being watched, even by a photocopy of a pair of eyes, prompts us to be more honest. In an experiment in Newcastle University, the price lists in the coffee room about the ‘honesty box’ were surmounted on alternate weeks by a photo of […] Read more »

Successful use of EFT for fear of public speaking

I got an email from an attendee at an EFT for public speaking anxiety I did more than a year ago. It’s been a busy old couple of weeks at work for me over the last month. Various work things have lead to a series of presentations, each getting more difficult. Some tapping was required […] Read more »

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Softening the blow

You may have noticed I have an interest in the stresses and strains of life threatening diseases. If you have cancer, you and those who care for you, know that you don’t just have the disease, you also get all the stress, anxiety and worry that goes with it. I am developing stress reduction courses […] Read more »

Worried Sick

I’ve been reading ‘Worried Sick: The emotional impact of cancer’ a research report commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support. The report investigates the impact of cancer on patients and their carers, it’s not comforting reading. Even though cancer survival rates are rising and people can expect to live longer, the emotional impact of the disease is […] Read more »