Have a nice day!

Have you had a nice day? A few weeks ago I was reading an article by Terri Levine about self-sabotaging behaviours and what to do about them. I was embarrassed to find that two of them seemed to apply to me. Read more »

Stress Relief Workshop

I’m running a one day workshop showing you how to use EFT to reduce your stress levels. I’ll be showing you how to use EFT to: Get quick relief from the physical symptoms of stress. Defuse stressful memories so you can leave bad days behind you for good. Disconnect your stress triggers so that you […] Read more »

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Introduction to EFT

An introductory talk on Emotional Freedom Technique at St Oswald’s Hospice in Newcastle. I’ll be talking about and demonstrating EFT and how can be used to achieve greater peace of mind by: Relieving the physical sensations of anxiety and stress, such as churning stomach, racing heart and stress headaches. Changing your responses to challenging situations […] Read more »

I'll try ….

I’ve been trying to get this article written for a while. That’s the whole point of trying, isn’t it? A declaration of intent that never quite works out. We’ve probably all heard versions of this: We’ll try to get the part by Wednesday I’ll try to remember I’ll try to phone you back before the […] Read more »