Quickie Covert EFT

This excellent EFT tip comes courtesy of Charlie Curtis of the Art Of NLP Yahoo newsgroup.

A really quick and easy way to do EFT, that can be done just about anywhere, as it doesn’t draw attention, is:

  1. Place several fingers of one hand on the gamut point of the other hand (the groove between the ring and pinkie fingers) and apply pressure and rub gently in an almost imperceptible circular motion. This just looks like you’re scratching your hand and draws no attention from onlookers. Or alternatively, you can pretend to be nervous or bored and slowly tap the flat of these fingers on the gamut point, and that will work too.
  2. Doing this while a negative emotion is active will cause the negative emotion to quickly reduce in intensity and then disappear, usually in about a minute’s time. The speed with which this can work is truly stunning, as a seemingly-locked-in-place feeling of upset, depression, fear, or whatever can just melt away “just like that” and be completely gone in a minute’s time.
  3. This can be used for compulsive urges, such as a smoking or food urge, for negative feelings like a feeling of annoyance, depression, or anticipatory anxiety. It’s a quick and easy way to handle pre-event jitters. It fits right in and is very natural when you’re sitting in a waiting room where other nervous people are unconsciously rubbing and tapping on their hands, as they do “natural EFT” to relax.

Many thanks to Charlie for letting me pass this on

To tap or not to tap

A came across this elegant summary of perenial problem

To tap or not to tap,
That is the question.
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind
To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Or to tap continually against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing—end them.

William Shakespeare with adjustments by Dr David Lake

This neatly and humoursly addresses something I’ve noticed. Some clients get a lot of benefits in the session, praising EFT to the hilt, then a few weeks later they are no longer tapping and the benefits have faded from view. They’ll say things like “It didn’t work for me”, or “The problem came back”.

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Stress Relief for Nurses

You may not know that May 12th is International Nurse’s Day. I know a few nurses and all of them seem to be under stress. I was sitting in a coffee shop and I noticed a poster promoting Nurse’s Day and as a special offer I’ve decided to offer a three session Stress Relief Program to nurses at HALF price, that’s £45 rather than £90.

If you are a stressed nurse, or know one, you might like to check out the offer. You need to be a nurse (naturally) and book the sessions before May 12th to qualify for the discount.

The Art of NLP

I’ve just added a link to The Art Of NLP, it’s an internet discussion group moderated by Charlie Curtis a hypnotherapist, NLPer and EFTer. It’s an excellent place for amateur and professional EFTers to find out about different techniques and approaches. If you’re interested in how to use this stuff in new and powerful ways it’s a great place to start.

Emotional dumbing down

Andy Smith, an expert in NLP and Emotional Intelligence, has written an excellent article on dumbing down in British culture. He describes how the UK tabloid press and TV culture are lowering our levels of emotional intelligence through:

  • Voyeurism.
  • Living other people’s lives instead of our own.
  • Passing judgement.
  • Encouraging a ‘them and us’ mentality.

It’s an excellent article and I agree with every word of it. In fact, I wished I’d written it.

Stress and overeating

Just in case you hadn’t realised, it’s official: stress can cause you to overeat! This article in the New Scientist explains how stressed rats, it had to be rats didn’t it, had increased levels of desire for food in comparison to their unstressed companions

“Stress magnifies the wanting,” says Berridge …. It’s a bit like how seeing an advert for ice cream makes you desire it, he says. You might resist when you’re not stressed, but the advert and the stress together make it irresistible.”

Even more reasons to reduce your levels of stress, whether you’re a rat or not!

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