Auntie Jean's Dream

A few weeks ago I was due to make a long drive to visit my mum and sister. The day before I was travelling I began to notice a little apprehension about making the journey. This was a familiar feeling about long car journeys, it’s popped up year after year, not enough to be a […] Read more »

Another EFT blog

I’ve found just found the EFTZone which is another EFT *blog style website with a wide variety of articles, tips and links. This one caught my attention Try “balancing my energy” a very simple use of the EFT points to relieve stress or just relax. *If you didn’t know, a ‘blog’ is the generic name […] Read more »

Feel free to comment

If you’re reading these articles on my website you’ll notice that some of them have a space where you can add your own comment. Please feel free to add a comment or ask question. It would be nice to turn these articles into conversations. When you add a comment there will be a delay before […] Read more »

EFT in the Daily Telegraph

One of my clients kindly brought this article about EFT The knock on effect of a little tap in the Daily Telegraph to my attention. It’s a nice enough article, apart from the slightly mangled version of the theory behind EFT. The bit that puzzles me is why there’s a photo of someone having a […] Read more »

Stigmatising Ourselves

I’ve been doing a few talks for members of the Alzheimers Support Groups that operate in Tynedale. Introducing them to EFT as a way of helping them to reduce the level of stress in their lives. I’ve had my eyes opened to what carers have to handle, my worries seem quite small in comparison. After […] Read more »

I'll sleep on it

The New Scientist has an interesting article on the value of an old suggestion that you ‘sleep on it’ whenever you’re faced with a difficult challenge. “Complex decisions are best left to your unconscious mind to work out, according to a new study, and over-thinking a problem could lead to expensive mistakes. The research suggests […] Read more »